SmartThings Power Outlet stops responding

OK, have had this issue a few times now and it’s starting to become annoying.

I have a brand new V2 SmartThings power outlet on the light for my sons fishtank. It’s set to come on at a set time and then we manually turn it off at night (until IFTTT is finally working).

Anyway, out of the 18 days I’ve had it running, there’s probably been 5 times it’s not turned on. The first few times I put down to a scheduling error and hit the physical button on the side. However, it turns out that when it doesn’t respond to the timer, it’s actually because it’s not responding at all. If you tap the icon in SmartThings app, it goes from ‘Off’ to ‘Turning On’, hangs for a bit and back to ‘Off’. Leave it for an hour and it’s still not responding. Turning it on manually with the physical switch works but it’s not reporting the changed state back to the app either.

Unplugging the outlet and plugging it back in cures it straight away and it’s fine for a few more days.

Anyone else encountered this ?

That typically means it’s too far away from he hub, either put another plug in zigbee device between the fishtank and the hub or bring the fishtank and hub closer together. You should be able to get 30ft/10m distance but due to all the other devices that can also sharing the 2.4 freq it can be MUCH shorter.

Sounds like a possible defective device to me. Here’s a few things I’d try:

1.) How far is the outlet from your Hub? Are there any other Zigbee repeating devices between them? I know for many of us (myself included) my devices are overwhelmingly Z-wave. If you’re zigbee device is your only one that plugs in and it’s a decent distance away from the hub, it might be a loss of communication issue. Try moving it close to the hub for a few days and see if it still loses connection.

2.) How close is your hub to your WiFi router? WiFi and Zigbee can share the same frequency and this can sometimes cause communication issues. If possible, move your hub as far from your WiFi router as you reasonable can. Five+ feet can make a difference.

3.) Try doing a “hard reset” of the outlet. This means removing it from your ST setup, then resetting the device (Unplug the unit, hold down the button, plug in the unit and release the button after about 1-second). Then add it back into your ST setup.

Obviously also contact support here… like I said above it might just be a bad unit, but until support gets back to you, try some of the steps above and see if it helps.

Thanks. Will maybe try relocating the hub, but it’s less than 10m and no walls in the way. Hue bulbs work perfectly to the exact same spot.

The thing that makes me think it’s not a transmission issue is the fact that when you unplug/replug the outlet in, it then works perfectly.


Not necessarily, when you do this it forces the zigbee routes to update. You may also want to contact support (

Agreed. Unplugging and plugging back in and sort of force everything to wake up and take notice again, at least for a little bit.

Obviously this isn’t proof positive it’s a communication issue, but communication issues can ask funny like this. Work initially, but then later lag out.

I am having the exact same issue with this device however, unplugging it does not recover it. I have to do a reset and re-add it to ST. I have had this unit since Sept/15 and had to reset it twice already.