Question about Device Reliability

I have a question about various devices and their reliability by virtue of my general home setup.

As an example (it happens other places), I have the OSRAM Lightify Gardenspot Lights in my backyard. I was able to easily set them up on the ST hub and they worked great for 3 weeks. Low and behold I had a power outage and now they won’t respond to commands from the ST hub.

The lights work because I can pull the plug and plug them back in and the lights come on, but I cannot turn them off using ST. Now, I know you may say just remove the device then reconnect it, but that is a bit of a pain because you have to uninstall apps etc… plus I seem to have to do this once a month for some device in my house that becomes “unresponsive”

I tried the Polling App and I would watch the live logging and I see the commands sent to the device through the ST Hub. However, the device is non-responsive. Here is the question: Is there a way to force a device to response (or perform some magic) without having to remove the device and re-pair the device? I would think something exists within the hub that I could see that although I am sending commands to a device, the device is not receiving them, and oh by the way, this is how you resolve that.

Thanks for the help.

If it is a zigbee device you can reset the device and then add it back and it should send the proper configure commands again and set it to the same device. With the smartapps intact