SmartThings Outage - Dec 14 2018

Getting ‘Unexpected Error’ in mobile app (Classic, iOS) and ‘This Page isn’t working’ when trying to access the IDE (NA02).

Just prior to this I noticed lots of my devices going offline (devices that I do not normally have issues with).

Started happening around 1025am EST 12/14/2018.
Could not log in at all. Kept getting the “Unexpected Error” screen in mobile app.
Appears to be partially back up around 1033am EST 12/14/2018. Hopefully a temporary glitch.

What shard are you on? I am not seeing any problems.


My app is back but still have lots of devices offline - probably just taking time to come back online.

EDIT: IDE is working again too. Seems it was temporary. But something’s not right. I cannot get my hub to reboot from the IDE.

Something is up. Cannot log in via web to IDE. Many devices suddenly showing as offline, but some I’m still able to control (on/off).

Status shows no issues.

Mobile app down again.

And in the IDE I can access Devices but not SmartApps or Handlers.

Same here.

Google and Alexa can’t control my devices, Minimote (using Smart Lighting) can’t control lights.

Edit: 15 to 20 minutes after I said “Good Morning” to Google to run my “good morning” event, lights finally turned on and I got my weather info. Then Google did respond when I told it to turn off the lights. Minimote/Smart Lighting still not working.

Same here most of my zigbee are offline.

It is Friday after all :roll_eyes:.


Same experiences here… classic app cannot even load the dashboard screen… Sigh…

iOS app showing the “Unexpected Error” message. Hit retry and basically just refreshes the error. Still cannot log into IDE via web.

Why doesn’t STATUS show an issue?

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Related to specific shard? I’m on shard 1 and everything is up and functional on a V1 hub.

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IF they update it it’s usually well after folks post in here.


Report it folks. This stuff needs to go on record.

My ticket is #657511.


Link to report?

… and back again. IDE fully working this time.

For a change, I’m not impacted (yet)… I’m on NA01

I don’t understand what you are asking.

Sorry, where to you post the report? I’ve actually never done that. :slight_smile: