Hub Offline Online Offline (August 10, 2020)

anyone experience this…this morning 8/10/20
Hub Offline Online Offline



Same here. My hub reports offline and all my devices as well. Just came to check if anyone is experiencing the same and how do we resolve.

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Mine was showing offline in the (new) app and a blue light on my V2 hub for a while earlier this morning. But it’s back to normal now

Oddly enough, the offline devices and scenes worked just fine via Alexa.

South Central Texas


Mine shows offline in the new app. All the devices on the IDE also show offline…but it shows online in the Classic app and using the Classic app devices seem to work. A reboot of the hub did not seem to correct the issue. Logs show the hub rebooted and is online… Go figure?

Also South Central Texas…Hook’em!

Same here in South Florida, off line. Classic app appears to be working.:man_shrugging:

Mine is a Smartthings WiFi and is showing offline as well as all the connected devices. I’ve rebooted and power cycled the hub without success. What is odd is that Smartthings is reporting all systems operational on their “status” website Located in Mexico

Same here, except my Alexa integration is also failing.

Not having an issue today, but I frequently get notifications of the hub going offline and back online showing the same hour and minute :confused:

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Having this issue this morning as well.

In the IDE, some V3 hubs are fluttering offline/online with all connected devices showing OFFLINE. I tried to reboot one of them and now it’s just INACTIVE. SmartThings status page not indicating an issue yet.


Thankyou everyone. I am glad it’s not just me.

Please keep us updated

Have a great day

Same in WI, called Smartthings and they worked with me and could not resolve the issue even with rebooting. I do have the green light too. So both of my Apps Classic and New show any hub devices that are not cloud based are offline, and cloud devices online. My devices are responding to webcore pistons and voice commands.

Not sure why they have not sent out a notice as this was going on before 7 am CDT, and as I talked to the rep at Smartthings, he stated that the calls were coming in like that.

I looked at my messages /notifications in New app and Classic

I left for work around 430 pst
It started right at when I left the house. I was thinking it was an Update ?
Just didn’t seem right so which is why I posted here on the forum

ST should put a notification out there to us Users

I had similar problems this morning. Seems that most of the system is back online, but one of my automated shades has randomly partially opened and closed on several occasions since the system came back on line.

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Beginning at 7am EDT, some users in the Americas region may be experiencing delays or failures in device control from the mobile app and automations. Hubs and devices may also show an offline status. We are currently investigating and will provide updates as available.

Posted 3 hours ago. Aug 10, 2020 - 12:41 EDT

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I have seen that kind of notification also. No notifications this morning. Not when it went offline, not when it came back online.

So. 5 hours from when the problems began to when they acknowledged there was a problem. Not. Impressed.

As of 7pm EST - this problem still persists for me. My ADT hub shows everything as online. All automations work. The greyed out status for my sensors all properly update from open/closed - even though the app shows the devices as offline and the hub as offline.

IDE shows all devices, with the zigbee & ADT devices showing as offline also.

ST Status page shows this issue as resolved - but it clearly isn’t.

Same here, clearly not resolved.

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Hub is offline. not resolved