Platform Issues with device control, loading locations, automations and login (February 5, 2020)

The service status looks green/up on the site, but I can’t sign in and got kicked out of the classic app. I get an error when trying to log in. The Samsung app reports all devices as down or no status. Anyone else having the issue?


Same issue here with the Smartthings Classic App…

Same here NOTHING works at the moment.

Same here. I can get authenticated on the web, but it errors out when trying to retrieve my devices, etc. Automations are still working though, just can’t manually control them - Alexa integration also down.

count me in too. The hub seems fine. Both app not working. Login to the api returns an error

Yes, All deivices appear offline. Google home integration also not working

Nothing working for me at the moment either in both classic and new apps.

Yup, dead for me too. Both apps.

Anyone call/email support yet?

Server down Claims that everything is up

While that is a handy site, you’ll find out faster via the Community… They’ll eventually update that site though.

Down! No Alexa No Google No Smartthings! Worst of all no email alert saying Smarthings is dead Jim. Tried a reboot nothing!

I’m also down… interesting thing though some of my webcore apps though are working and pushing notifications to me. Unfortunately, it’s not the ones I could really use at the moment.

I notified support via email at

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I’m down and out on both the old and new apps. All devices show offline even after a reboot.

HomeAssistant is looking better by the day…

What time does Minnesota wake up? Or is it Seoul? Who has the keys to the ST servers? Or do we need to get a hold of Jeff Bezos?

Down here too. Local automations appear to be working but no IDE, Classic, or new app.

Emailed support. Down :hot_face:

Issues with device control, loading locations, automations, and platform API’sSubscribe

Investigating - Some users in the Americas may be experiencing issues loading locations via the new and Classic SmartThings apps as well as the web interface. Some users may also experience issues or delays in controlling devices, creating automations, and device health status updates. We are investigating and will provide updates as they are available.
Feb 5, 07:26 EST


Just woke up and I had to turn lights on by pressing switches! It was horrible! Like I’ve been thrown back to some primitive era!

But seriously, “some users in the Americas”!?