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SmartThings + Numerous = Awesome! (Update: Numerous is out of business)


(John) #41

There are several, depending upon exactly what you are trying to accomplish.

What I initially used Numerous for I’ve switched to ThingSpeak using this SmartApp. The couple of things I want to look at I use this excellent (free) Android widget:

I’m currently logging data several ways. I’ve mostly stopped using the free offerings from Grovestreams and InitialState because I either hit their limits (and they stop accepting data) or they don’t show enough useful data (24 hours). I’m really using ThingSpeak rather than both of those, simply because the free tier is far more useful (once you get the data into it; configuring the ThingSpeak Logger SmartApp to upload to ThingSpeak is a big chore; I really plan on working on a better SmartApp for it). I’m also pushing data into Google Sheets, but then I need to do lots more work to make meaningful charts from it. I plan to move that data into something like InfluxDB/Graphana and use a solution like these threads:

(Marc) #42

I use Glimpse with Smarttiles now, but I do miss Numerous :frowning: