iOS Widget Dashboard (Glimpse and SmartTiles)

(Marc) #1

Now that Numerous is going under and Smartthings removed Dashboards, I was looking for a way to quickly view temperatures on my iOS widget screen (aka Today screen). After searching, I found an app called “Glimpse” which is $1.99 and can cut out webpages and update them in real time on your widget screen. I leveraged Smarttiles to create small little dashboards for Security, Doors and Temperatures. A couple of caveats:

  1. When on cellular network, it will only update automatically every 15 minutes. (Manual refresh will work at anytime)
  2. You can really only fit 3 rows and have it look nicely (on an iPhone 6s, I am sure on a Plus, you can fit more).

SmartThings + Numerous = Awesome! (Update: Numerous is out of business)
(Marc) #2

@625alex - @tgauchat

Is there anyway to have more than 5 dashboards? I tried setting up a second instance of Smartiles but it seemed to not install a second instance.

(Alex) #3

At the moment, the limit is 5 per location. The limit is implied by the current architecture. The next version of SmartTiles (V6) has the ability to create unlimited dashboards, but might be limited by license.

(Alex) #4

You might be able to apply a custom CSS and shrink the tiles for a better fit.

Thank you for sharing this finding!

(Viren Patel) #5

its not a bad idea, if you could actually use to tile function that would have been awesome, but for a quick glance of the house its a great option

(Marc) #6

Yes, right below Glimpse is my ST widgets where I can take action on things.

(JF) #7

Anyone having success with glimpse and ActionTiles? It keeps failing upon refreshing (login screen) but when you go to glipmsecapp the page loads fine which fixes the widget only until its refreshed again


(Marc) #8

No, I have same issue. Tagging @625alex and @tgauchat to see if they know a work around. When setting up the Glimpse dashboard, I login and set up the screen. My guess is Glimpse uses a new session and this requires a login and since we can’t input data into a Glimpse session, we are stuck.

( co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #9

What is Glimpse? I can’t find a link in the Play Store…

(Marc) #10

Glimpse is an iOS app only which allows any webpage to become a widget:

( co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #11

Well… I hesitate to buy it since it’s pretty expensive at $1.99 :speak_no_evil:!

  • be sure to pin the actual Panel URL (various pages in ActionTiles cannot be pinned directly, but Panels can).

  • check if there are any settings in Glimpse to not clear cookies (etc.). This has been any easy to solve problem with the Fully Kiosk browser, for example.

  • ActionTiles requires a valid login session. That’s the only practical way to ensure security.

(Marc) #12

Unfortunately Glimpse has zero options besides URL which I am putting correctly. Oh well :confused:

( co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #13

It’s worth trying to contact the developer. (Fully’s dev has been super helpful to our Customers).