SmartThings app for Android. Version (19th September 2023) has reached one of my devices. I’ve not had a good look around it yet but it certainly seems less badly broken in its basic device control functionality, in that you can hit a button on the dashboard or details view and the app will update without requiring a restart. It’s still not perfect but it does seem usable again.

Installed SmartApps remain broken in that clicking on the tiles has no effect.

Geoplaces are broken again for Locations. It can’t map between addresses and lat/long.

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I think this release is a patch up damage limitation release

Oh and the energy app had a little shake up but nothing useful added that i can see

History in Home Monitor continues to not work
No weather quick tile just the usual web page link
Devices for temperature averaging remain missing
Naming conventions for Iphones that are tied to the account still uneditable
Plus loads of inconsistancies in the UI… (sigh)one day

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Is the weather quick tile your referring to the one in favorites, mine shows.
Mike you can edit the iPhone names in Advanced web app if it helps.

The issue is not that it doesn’t show, it is that it is just a link to the Weather Channel website. While I do not find this as fundamentally objectionable as @fido does I am certainly moving in that direction. I really don’t want to fight my way past an obscenely large number of low quality ads and chunks of US-centred content, all the while never knowing if it will suddenly forget which temperature scale I use.

The bottom line is, the SmartThings API has a lot of weather content in it, and it would be much better to reference that directly as that is relevant to automations etc. If I want a more general view on the weather I’ll open a weather app.


Does that carry through to Home Monitor because currently, if an Iphone user becomes a member of the location they are shown as Iphone, if 2 users have Iphones you have Iphone Iphone, if an Iphone user leaves or arrives the notification shows Iphone and not the Iphone user name

Sorry about the amount of times you have to read Iphone but there is no other way of describing it

I have yet to find a way within the app to change Iphone to a user friendly name

Unfortunately I don’t use the Home Monitor so I can’t answer that.

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This is a Samsung flagship app, why the $£%&@n hell do they push you off the app to view the weather !!! fundamentally it is madness, Samsung do have a weather app of sorts but its odd and not accessible with a weather icon/shortcut, why not tie into that or even show that In ST, why some advert driven web page ??

My point is, currently weather is a poor user experience


For what it’s worth, in SmartThings our Android phones show up with the names assigned in the About Phone settings. This is also the name used/shown with Bluetooth pairing.