Creating a custom dashboard

Hi I am pretty new to this. so please bare with me:) I have multilple multi purpose sensors around the house and i would like to create a dashboard that would show me the tempererature readings from each one of them.
overall I see people are referring to a dashboard but I have not found it yet in the app.
All help would be appreciated.

It’s not in the official smart things mobile app. There are a couple of independently created dashboard apps which are very nice. The most popular is probably smart tiles. It’s free to try and then you donate if you find it useful. Much discussion of it in the forums, and you can go direct to their site:

( note that at present this is not working for those with UK accounts, due to the same problem affecting other third-party service integrations like IFTTT )

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Thank You very much, just installed it and its awesome:)


@625alex and I super appreciate your compliment!
Stay tuned to Loading... !

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Can’t wait for the new release. Do you have a rough idea of a beta release date?

We super appreciate your anticipation… I also can’t wait to see it all fleshed out and ready for testing, myself!

But sorry… We’re definitely not ready to estimate completion dates, and will avoid publishing any dates even when they look really close to us. We are going to take a useful lesson from SmartThings who got a lot of grief from hinting Hub V2 release target as early as April 1st, then “beginning of July”, then “Q3”, then wisely said “it’s going to be ready when it’s ready”.

Trying super hard to keep the scope of the first V6 SmartTiles release from “feature creep”, so we can focus on avoiding bugs while releasing this new foundation as soon as possible.


Do you have a thread where you will be posting any updates on it, aside from the SmartTiles website?

This is the current thread. Generally @625alex creates a new one and mentions it on the old one when a new release comes out. With @tgauchat on board now with him, you can be sure of it.