SmartThings Maintenance - SmartThings Hub 2015 (v2) Zigbee Update - 10 May 2021

Mine too. As we are in the beta, will it change?

@garrett.kranz Should the zigbee version change for us too that had this update through the hub beta program? If yes, what should the version number be?

In “Zigbee” section of viewing your Hub in the IDE:

  • Version: 5.2.1

Thanks! What is zigbee ncp?

Zigbee Network Coprocessor ( NCP )

AFAIK, us normals can’t see that in the Groovy IDE. Might only be visible to ST staff.

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Ok yeah no such thing in the ide

Edited my above comment, sorry about that.

No worries, thank you for answering :slight_smile:

I see my main hub has now received the update to 5.2.1. Don’t know if the one that was on the beta is still waiting its turn or if it will stick on 2.9.0 having been reverted to that while on the beta.

Update: It seems to be left on 2.9.0.

I just hope that in the last five weeks something has been discovered that either keeps my IKEA Buttons running on 5.2.1 or identifies the issue as being elsewhere. Otherwise I am well and truly stuffed.

u guys. im trying to folllow guidlines to cange wifi. it sucks balls.hold reset button until yellow flashes.haha. i only get red flashes and they dont do jack shit with wifi. scan id with cam and sget msg nodevice found. okok samsung… Why dont you make your instructions useless. well youre already there. so i found out i have to unplug elecric cable , hold in reset button plug in elecric and than i got this , not yellow, but red flashing ligth. now im angry, but finally got an yellow flashing light at high speed. my head are spinning by this point, and im angry.i can finally join a new wifi. not from your instructions, by far. But from fail and error. Im not trying to become a it wizz, but with your products i have to… Whyyyyy samsung, make all so difficult???from you guys it like saying… hold your penis for a while, and see if that helps. useless unlike if you like to touch your penis :slight_smile:
the latest update didnt fix that

I have been using 5.2.1 for some time now but my ikea buttons while better than before keep burning through batteries.

This update has nothing to do with wifi. This is for the V2 hub.

sorry for that. was frustrated yesterday and the worst got hand of me.and super drunk ofc. Will never post in wrong topics again in my life.
Best wishes to all, and goodbye

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Best response ever! :joy:

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With 5.2.1 on my beta hub my battery life reduced from months to 24 to 48 hours. Restoring 2.9.0 was a fix for me.

I’ve had 5.2.1 on my main hub for about 48 hours. I’ve just replaced two batteries. All rather worrying really.

Must admit I am increasingly beginning to suspect IKEA Tradfri stuff enjoys a better reputation than it really merits.

Have you not noticed a increase in traffic with the hub, which could explain the increase in consumption?

Not at all, no.

The IKEA Buttons have been reported as exhibiting the same problem on other platforms and my understanding is that it is a known and understood issue. The technical discussion I’ve seen was way beyond me - something or other about short and long polls I think, with issues with battery reports also cropping up.

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How did you restore to 2.9.0?

Something that has changed in the zigbee version of the hub has raised the button problem, it is strange.
Good luck and find some solution soon!

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