Smartthings Labs...where is it?

First post…

Trying to configure WeMo device following these instructions:

Unless I’m blind, I don’t see SmartThings Labs listed anywhere in the marketplace.

Am I missing something here?

Thanks for any assistance.


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In the marketplace, under Things, it should be at the very bottom. Vents, Voice Control, Other, SmartThings Labs

The marketplace section has two tabs at the top of the screen: things, and smartapps. Make sure you select “things,” then scroll all the way to the bottom and you should see “SmartThings labs.”

Here’s what I see on the app…

Click on Marketplace and scroll down…I don’t see SmartThings Labs. It wasn’t at the top of the scroll either, but I can only post a single picture in this reply.

I DID find the Belkin WeMo switches by going to…Marketplace -> Things -> Lights & Switches -> Switches & Dimmers -> Belkin

And they have the “(Labs)” listed in the title.

Is this something new to the app layout? Is this an IOS thing? (I’m new to the app, so not sure of the history or why it looks different.)

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I’m on iOS as well, so I don’t think it’s that.

Are you in the US or the UK? The options are somewhat different in the two regions.

@aaron or @slagle might know more.

I’m in the US. IOS 10.1.1

Thanks for your help,

I would definitely contact support, then.

About a year and a half ago, you used to have to request that support turn on your access to labs, but I thought it was now available to everyone. Maybe it somehow got turned off on your account?

I just installed my SmartThings hub yesterday and am trying to connect my Harmony Hub to it so that I can control it using my Google Home. SmartThings is also telling me to use SmartThings Labs to connect to the Harmony Hub but like the OP, SmartThings Labs is nowhere to be found under Marketplace - Things on my Android 2.2.1 release App. I called Support and on their Android device they could see SmartThings Labs under Marketplace - Things.

I did however found the Harmony Hub under Marketplace - Things - Entertainment - Remotes & Buttons - Logitech - Logitech Harmony Home Hub (Labs). Will try to connect to it tonight to see if I can get it to work either through Google Home voice control, or jerry rig IFTTT to work.

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This is a totally blind guy helping you. There is no labs category. ST simply labels some of its apps as labs to indicate that they are not officially supported. Sometimes though, there is not a big difference between the supported and the not supported apps – they are mostly unreliable and helpful when not.

There are tons of blind folks using ST and they know what’s there and what’s not because of 21st century screen reading technology.

Have fun with ST.

that must be a recent change, as all the docs point to the SmartThings Labs category…and some of the folks on the reply are also pointing to the same thing.

I just got my hub yesterday as well, and if this first experience is any indication…looks like this is going to be an interesting ride into home automation.

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I also use a screen reader, but for a different reason, because I can’t use my hands.

There definitely used to be a SmartThings Labs category under “Things” in the marketplace. I posted a screenshot that had it yesterday. My app was up-to-date until the new version that came out today.

Plus, support told the OP that there should be a category.

So there’s definitely something strange going on. Maybe it’s missing from the newest version and for some reason some people got that version a little early.

But the existing SmartThings documentation has screenshots showing that category. And many of us found it there as well as late as yesterday.

@slagle can you find out what’s going on?

[quote=“Jim_Sanzone, post:5, topic:63342”]
that must be a recent change, as all the docs point to the SmartThings Labs category…and some of the folks on the reply are also pointing to the same thing.

I just got my hub yesterday as well, and if this first experience is any indication…looks like this is going to be an interesting ride into home automation.[/quote]

The newest version has the SmartThings Labs category on iOS. I had not downloaded the newest update so I checked to see if it was there before the update and it is still there after I just updated. Perhaps it is activated if you utilize the SmartThings IDE? Do you utilize the developer side of things at all?

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No to the developer side…yet…just pulled the ST Hub out of the box yesterday.


The UK and US versions of the app are different. The US has more things etc.

But also no smart labs here either. Never had it myself in the UK but I do try and add stuff from the IDE instead.

I presume there there differing levels of the app based on many differing factors.

StrangeThings here…:slight_smile: new hub V2 (11/2016)

Old hub V2 (07/2016)

One account, two hub’s. Old hub has 3 lights, new hub has just one.

@Aaron can you find out why some people have a SmartThings labs section in the app and others don’t? See the thread above for details.

We know there are a lot of popular Labs products. However, they have not gone through certification (and are often unreliable) and becoming untenable to continue supporting. We are slowly working to wean customers off contacting support for these products but didn’t want to immediately disappear them entirely.

Due to this, some versions of the Marketplace have Labs called out separately in a category at the bottom of the Marketplace. Others still have products embedded in the sub categories (e.g., Sonos is still under Speakers). Poke around the sections and provide feedback if you think the organization is more/less intuitive (and obvious that these products should be unsupported).

Continue to expect us to iterate on the Marketplace as we try to make it more efficient for everyone.

So will those devices go away then? Might want to remove them from marketing materials as well.

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Not yet… I am envisioning the uproar (probably right on this and 12 other threads) if we were to pull any integrations without tons of notice :slight_smile: That said, we are trying to manage expections with some of the integrations that are popular but less than reliable.

Wow, way to passively aggressively not announce they are going away. You win today for sure!

Ever thought of politics? :wink: