WEMO Belkin Switch

(Raf) #1

Hello Guys , I need to add to my ST my wemo switch any idea how to do?
Step by step?

(Takis) #2

on smartthings app go to marketplace.
Then go to Lights & Switches
thenSwitches and Dimmers then Belkin and Choose the Wemo Switch and then press connect now

It will start a discovery and find it as a switch or light switch

A word of advice.
Wemos tend to come in n out of the network a lot of times and you might find they are unreliable.
I had 8 devices in my house and got rid of all of them…
Good luck

(Raf) #3

Thx for reply , problem is there is no Belkin at Switches and Dimmers there.
Maybe because this is UK version on ST but should be same this is WiFi connected device.

Any ideas how add in that case?

(Takis) #4

hmmm i tried from 2 different hubs/accounts, one that i had wemos and one that i didnt and the wemo switch would show up in both cases, but i am in the US.
I remember when i first got my hub i had to install smartlabs, but i cannot find it anymore. I think it was a smartapp. Maybe that might help u.I will continue looking and let you know if i found something else

(Dean Smith) #5

You need to do this from the IDE in the template library.

(Raf) #6

ok , can you give me instruction ?

(Dean Smith) #7

Go to the IDE, under my smartapps click “New SmartApp” then make sure you have the following -

This should add the Wemo connect SmartApp. Remember to Publish for you!.

(Raf) #8

Thank you , Ill try to add in my free time and let you know .


(Raf) #9

do I should put there any ip address for wemo ?

(Raf) #10

After I add ide as your instructions how to add devices itself? It should be appear on system ?

(jonathan) #11

APologies for the newbie confusion. The screenshot, whereabouts do I get to that screen?

In the app I have for android and iOS I don;t appear to be able to get to that smart labs screen to enable things?