Smartthings keeps forgetting routines

I’ve had a simple routine set up to turn on my outside flood lights at sunset and to turn off the lights at sunrise. It’s been working for years. This past week I noticed the lights didn’t go on. I checked the devices in my Smartthings app and found the routines were gone. I figured some kind of firmware update had knocked them out so I reset the routines and went about my day. Two days later, again the lights failed to turn on at sunset. Go back into the app and find the routines gone again. I reprogrammed them again last night before going to sleep. Woke up this morning, went into the app and find the Turn Off at Sunrise setting missing in all four devices, but the Turn ON at sunset still there. WTF is happening here? No updates overnight that I can see and no one has touched the app prior to me this morning. Any ideas?

Exactly what I have noticed as well. The whole routine infrastructure seems super buggy and unreliable. Didn’t want to do it but I guess the only option is to use Sharptools. It doesn’t run local but Webcore and the Smartapps didn’t either so it is what it is. I feel like the only thing the Smartthings hub is good for now is to connect all of your devices together and any automations have to be done outside of your home!

Are you using new Edge drivers for your devices ?

No, i haven’t changed anything except for updating my app on my phone (android).

It seems you may be missing some vital information then, take 5 mins to read this, i am sure your issues can be resolved but you need some background info first and more than likely you will need to install some drivers for your devices

Hi Mike,

In reading this article, it looks like this is referring to custom automations. What I’m talking about are the built in routines in the Smartthings app offered from Samsung. Do they use Groovy? Why would Samsung leave them in place if they’re not supporting them?

I’ll have to read deeper into this…

Routines don’t use Groovy and mine are working fine.

Some of your devices might be using Groovy DTH or they may have been automatically migrated to Edge Drivers which might have messed them up.

I’m not really sure what Groovy DTH is, or Groovy for that matter, and as far as i can remember, i don’t think i installed any custom drivers. I set my system up 6 or 7 years ago using the old smartthings app. Samsung discontinued it and migrated to the current app.
The current app doesn’t work nearly as well as the old one… why do they have to keep “fixing” what isn’t broken?

How can i check what drivers are in play?

I just linked my ST to SharpTools. It seems to be similar to what i had with ST. I guess I’ll see how it goes.

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I just noticed that my routines that rely on sunrise or sunset are the only ones that are getting deactivated. Routines that rely on specific times are working fine and they retain their settings.

All my custom routines I created after switching to edge drivers disappeared today.
This is unbelievable!
Soooo pi**ed!


All of my routines and smartapps are gone, as of an hour or so. I changed nothing, just opened the app to run a routine and they are gone.

They do still exist on the android widget in my phone screen, and they work. So they still exist and function, just not in the app, for all of the phones in my home

Same here :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::rage:

My routines (the ones that were working) are still available in the app. I set up my sunrise/sunset routines in SharpTools. So far they’re working fine. I may migrate all my routines to SharpTools…

I submitted a ticket, they have replied that they know about the issue and are fixing it.

It doesn’t look like they are deleted, just not showing up.