SmartThings Sunrise/Sunset Automation Stopped Updating (March 2021)

I have had a SmartThings hub for several years with various light switches, outlets, etc. connected. And I have also had 2 automations for several years…1 that turns on some outdoor lights at Sunset, and 1 that turns those same outdoor lights off at Sunrise. This always worked great in the past, and updated dynamically each day based off of current sunrise/sunset times. Sometime in the last few months this stopped updating each day. It still turns the lights on or off, but it’s stuck at the same time each day.

I tried deleting and recreating the automations and it would update to the sunrise/sunset time on the day that I recreated, but then gets stuck on that time going forward.

I also logged into the IDE website, went to my location, clicked on List SmartApps, and I don’t see any apps related to Weather or sunrise/sunset. But again this has worked fine for several years and only recently stopped working properly.

Any ideas?

There is a current issue with Automations specifically, and Sunrise and Sunset. The symptoms are pretty much as you describe. The times didn’t get updated every day but now the problem is they haven’t been getting updated at all. You don’t need to do anything too drastic to reset the times, just save the Automation. Adding a space to the end of the name is a quick way.

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I’ve noticed the same thing

Just as a curiosity as I am relatively new to Smartthings, when you see things like this, does someone open a ticket? I mean - would the Smartthings team even know about it? And would they be doing something about it?

Is there anywhere a sort of “known issues” list we can look at to see whether they are aware of this?

Smart Lighting still works correctly for sunrise/sunset.

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