Smartthings keeps forgetting routines

Joining the bandwagon.

Same issue. Any routine using a Lutron device gets disabled.

They’ve been working fine and just recently started disabling themselves.

Hard to tell when this happens but it’s certainly more than once a day. The history is useless as it only shows when the routines are re enabled but not when they disable.

It would help if there was some kind of live log like there was with the groovy website in order to track the problem.

Adding myself in here as routines have got truly awful recently, SmartThings in general seems to have gotten very unreliable and feels like im in a beta all the time.

Similar to others in this thread, time-based routines simply don’t work most days and when they do they don’t always complete all actions.

I don’t know if anyone from Samsung/SmartThings monitors this forum but if they do, they really need to get their acts together on all these bugs.