Groovy SmartApp Shutdown

Starting Next Week, we will begin the process of shutting down the legacy architecture for Groovy SmartApps as part of our platform transition process. This shutdown will not affect the Smart Lighting and SevereWeather Alert SmartApps which we are in the process of updating now. We also have a plan to migrate supported virtual devices so these will be unaffected by this change.

Community-based Groovy SmartApps or cloud-connected devices that rely on older Groovy Smart App connections will no longer work after this shutdown occurs.

We have been working diligently with partners over the last two years to migrate cloud-connected devices over to our new Schema connector. Most of your supported cloud devices should already be migrated to this connection process which fully takes advantage of the newest SmartThings architecture. If your device no longer works after the Groovy SmartApp shutdown, we recommend reaching out to the manufacturer or for custom solutions, the community member that created it.

Be on the lookout for more announcements as we continue to work on updating the SmartThings platform.


@SmartThings should we contact you as manufacturer of SmartThings hub, as we will not be able to perform changes to our hubs, such as changing zigbee channel, etc.
Currently I don’t see functions currently available in IDE settings, in hub settings within the app.
Some of them are there but not all.


This means the color coordinator smartapp and its unique functionality will go away or are there plans to add this to the Smart Lighting app?


How will we know once this happens? Is it just pull the plug on all at once or app by app?

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It looks like RBOY Rental Lock Automator (RLA) is reporting an error and turning itself off now.
Can anyone else confirm?

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Mine is shut off also, actually all Smartapps were turned off with the exception of the Logitech Harmony (connect) and Smart Lighting apps

Yes, all the smart apps including rboy Lock Manager are off with exception of Logitech Harmony connect.

And if you try to turn on any app, the toggle slider disappears. Clicking on the app tile takes you to app and apps still seem working though showing off.

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On further checking found out Rboy’s LUM dth replaced with Universal ZWave Lock. Codes working fine but not been reported in routines/Sharptools rules. Thus automations/notification based on lock code ids not working.

Edited: In fact lock ids being reported in sharptools.

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@SmartThings should we contact you as manufacturer of SmartThings hub, as we will not be able to perform changes to our hubs, such as changing zigbee channel, etc.
Currently I don’t see functions currently available in IDE settings, in hub settings within the app.
Some of them are there but not all.

Or at least expose those settings/functions via the API so that a 3rd party like @TAustin can add them to the API Browser.


Haven’t they been telling us for months this was happening?


No, they have been telling us for 2 years.

I have had everything switched over for 6 months.


There is no over to switch to for me, as there is no compatible solution for the locks I’ve invested in to use with Rental Lock Automator. I started on this ecosystem within the past two years, and the first I heard of this choice to eliminate Groovy apps without workable replacement was about 3 months ago.

I would like to see a comment about this added to the official status page. Just so that people who aren’t aware of this forum don’t go totally crazy. Something like “The shutdown of the legacy smartthings groovy cloud has begun. Some third-party devices and integrations will stop working unless the authors convert them to the new architecture. If you experience a loss of functionality with a third-party device/integration, contact their support to see if they have a transition plan in place.”

Because right now it just says everything is working fine, which is pretty confusing for people who woke up to find some things no longer working. :thinking:

Just a suggestion…



Thanks, @JDRoberts. I’ll share your suggestion with the team.


Rental Lock Automator was simple and a great product. Such as shame that they didn’t have a migration path.

Check out Hospitable or We are scrambling with a dozen check-in’s tomorrow.

We thought Samsung would be able to run some queries and see how many people are actively running Rboy (based on their access to the back end) and perhaps develop a better product in-house. I am kind of shocked Samsung didn’t see the need.


I haven’t seen anything official, but I think at this point the reality is that over 90% of the people using SmartThings don’t have a SmartThings/Aeotec hub. They have a Galaxy phone and Galaxy smart tag +, a Samsung smart appliance, a Samsung smart television, or a Samsung smart vacuum. They are completely unaffected by anything Rboy offers, or by edge drivers. They might be affected by this change if they use one of the legacy integrations like Life360, but that’s about it.

So the people using Rboyapps are a small percentage of a small percentage of the total SmartThings customer base.

I’m not saying Samsung shouldn’t care—I’m just saying that from a business standpoint, it might not make sense to devote many corporate resources to this need.

So I think they have seen the numbers. And compared to the number of, say, washing machine customers it’s very small.



I got my first hub in May 2018 and had set up a SmartThings account a few months prior to that. Groovy was already being referred to as the ‘Classic’ system back then with new users being pushed towards the ‘new’ platform even though it had zero useful functionality. There have been multiple reminders since then around such events as the Classic app migration, the withdrawal of the V1 hubs, the developers conference in 2019 that emphasised the threat to webCoRE, the launch of the Schema integration for C2C and multiple migrations since, the announcement of Edge drivers over 15 months ago, and other significant events in between.

Even in the last few months the timelines have largely been available from the start. Yes there have been some initially inaccurate statements come out but they were alongside the accurate ones. Dates really haven’t changed much, if at all.

I have some sympathy for users who installed DTHs and SmartApps ‘by numbers’ without grasping the implications, but only some. To me it has always been abundantly clear that as soon as you stray beyond the mobile apps you are entering a new territory where you have to be actively engaged.


Has anyone been in contact with Rboy on his apps? Every communication I have heard indicates they are working on a path forward, but the communication has been terrible.

I can only last so long before having to make a decision to ditch SmartThings entirely to support managing both rental homes and personal and business locations.

He has posted here a few times, including expressing some frustration with lack of information being given by Samsung behind the scenes and missing or broken features required by developers.

There is a transition FAQ on his site, but it mostly just says they are waiting on Samsung.

Our goal is to migrate as many SmartApps and Device Handlers as possible to the new platform starting with the most popular apps and devices. We are working with SmartThings regarding the migration to the new platfom and are waiting on them to implement the planned/missing features/API’s.

Migration FAQ's