Really getting sick of smart lighting routines breaking

I can’t seem to go two weeks without one of my routines breaking.

Right now it is my stair light. I have two routines for it, motion activated. One for daytime from sunrise to sunset, the other for nighttime from sunset to sunrise. But starting yesterday they are both running all the time. Every time I trigger the motion sensor, I see my light come on, cycle to dim (as the night one sets it), then go full bright again (as the daytime one sets it). It does this EVERY TIME no matter what time it is.

Usually I seem to be able to fix broken routines by going through and saving them again, but it is not working this time.


I can’t imagine anyone wanting to rely on this system for anything important at all. Why can’t they get it right?

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And right now neither my wife or my phone smartthings app is able to connect at all. She came to me wondering why nothing in the house is working. It’s retarded because I’m still getting smartthings notifications on my phone about events.

What is going on? Been having very frustrating issues since the start of the year.

You should be using webcore. so much better and reliable.