Smartthings Issues 9/10/18

Google home integration is down. I was logged out of the classic app (Android) and am getting errors trying to log back in. The Automations seem to be working though.

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Same here, I uninstalled and reinstalled and still persists

Having similar issues. Logged out of the Android classic app, Alexa and Google integration down.

Same issue here. iOS app nonfunctional and Alexa integration not working. Good thing I happened to charge my minimote yesterday.

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I had to grab my MiniMotes too. I’m glad I didn’t remove them from the system.

Nothing is working for me. I have the new and classic app installed. The classic app won’t even open and the new app just states it is checking the status of everything. Automations won’t run either.

Down here to. No platform emails yet??

Same here, new app working (although the home screen does not), classic app kicked me out and I can’t log back in. Existing Smart Lighting appear to work, Sylvania switches, etc, but I cannot launch any of the smartapps to make changes. Existing Webcore smartapps work, but cannot get into Webcore to make changes. One Google Home command was delayed, but then subsequent commands don’t work.

Neither the classic app nor are working. Can’t login to either, but reports that everything is up.

My SmartThings system is down as well.

However, my Hubitat hub is still running fine with no issues. :wink:


They should already know but I did email support

This is what I get

Glad I’m not the only one.

Forgot to give geo detail - I am in North America, on the na02-useast1 shard

Out here also. :thinking:

Looks like they did migrations? Old app looks to be wiped.

Looks like they have it fixed. Google home and classic app are back up.

My app defaulted to the secondary location that was created when my account was converted/synched with my Samsung account some time ago. I was able to select my older location in the main menu of the app. I’m not sure if I noticed that feature before in the classic app.

Edit: There is a V that you can click next to your current location that will reveal other locations associated with your account.

Old app is completely empty new app is somewhat functional