Smartthings Issues 9/10/18

My old app has all my devices and is functioning normally.

My hub is now gone from my classic app. Wth

Which hub do you have?

Do you see multiple locations when you go to the menu in the app and select the “V” next to your current location?

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V2 is the hub that I have and the Classic app running 2.16.1 (1437)

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The V got mine back. Missed that earlier. Looks to be ok now.

My android app stopped working and now wants me to log in as if for the first time, but doesn’t continue after providing my email address. Alexa skill not responding either.

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Yep, just happened here. iOS app.

I am offline too. status at says everythings up but can’t control anything from app, or alexa. As well as unable to login to api page.

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Android. Georgia. Cannot login. Google home reports unknown error. Status page needs updating…

Same here. ‘Unexpected Error’ when trying to log into iOS app. Amazon Echo not working either.

I’m in Iowa.

Same here in OKC!

All systems down for me. I’m in CA.

Here as well. Alexa can’t turn anything on or off and also experiencing issues with the app on Android.

Same problem here with GHome

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Android app and Alexa integration are down

Michigan can’t login to app. Google home not working Alexa hit and miss.

Yep iOS app / Minnesota
Can’t log into app or developer on browser.
Status on Smartthings website says everything functioning like normal though.

Status page fail! I always end up here to see if anyone else has started the thread.As usual it’s not just me.