Alexa Integration not working

All my devices showed offline. I removed them, disabled skill and reenabled it. Now I get

Anybody else with Alexa problems?

There were a bunch of problems yesterday, not sure if it’s related:

I’m sure it is related. And I also had those problems yesterday. This is today though and it is persistent.

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have you tried unlinking and re-linking the skill?

Yes. That’s what doesn’t work. See first post.

I received the same message yesterday, and could not log into the Smartthings Classic app. When I was finally able to log back in, all of my devices and automations were gone. After a slight panic session, I tried the new Smartthings app, and all of my devices were now showing up on the new app, but my automations were still gone. I can live with setting up new automations, I just relieved I do not have to set up all of my devices again.

your automatons should never just disappear. contact support.