SmartThings iOS app update (v. 1.6.67/1.6.68) June 2021

Yeah that’s pretty annoying.


@JDRoberts I would be more than happy for Samsung to stop all other developments and focus on fixing such an imperative feature, and I’m damn sure the majority of other users here would agree.

You are such a valued member of this community, always helping others and spreading positivity of SmartThings. Although you are the only one voicing the issue, I am sure there is millions of other users or potential users who suffer the same dis-service.

In my opinion the Smart homes best use case is to assist those with impairments, giving independence and offering what many of us take for granted.

Most of us use the smart home to satisfy our inner geek, and I feel the little complaints most of us have like local automations and a bit of lag here and there are minor in comparison to what you require.

Although I can’t help influence Samsung on prioritising voice navigation, I am hoping if alot of us back off with our little complaints and support with pushing this priority, we may actually get some movement… We may even get the likes of @AutomateYourLife raising this on his videos or to his contacts at Samsung.

Fingers Crossed we as a community can help support you after all the support you provide to us!


So this update basically wrecked my previous favorites tab and basically slapped all 131 devices into one big ass list. On top of all that I can’t control any devices. Keeps telling me my network is unavailable.


Sure we can - pile on the bandwagon with JD. I’m happy to go on record to anyone who will listen that Accessibility is important. I’m VERY willing to go on record as NONE of the bugs I’ve submitted even hold a candle to the priority for Accessibility. (@blake.arnold) Not Alexa / GH device filtering, Not my ‘Some scenes not showing in the app’ (STILL) It’s atrocious that it’s in that state and tells me they did exactly ZERO accessibility testing. At this point I don’t NEED accessibility and I don’t even dfrive an iPhone - but I’d HAPPILY open an official service ticket saying it’s broken just to get more ticks on the incident counter. The more we pile on the more they see it as a priority.

I also believe their dev team needs to enter an accessibility test requirement to EVERY SINGLE FEATURE that goes in the app. Failure to pass is a failure to proceed to PROD. But we’re not her eto talk about proper DevOps…


Try uninstalling/reinstalling the app :slight_smile:

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Agreed, I will also be raising a service ticket for the same.
And I’m sure @JDRoberts would happily support testing and guide the SmartThings team with how to best service these features


Thanks for the good thoughts, but I am very happy to be an edge case as long as they support that edge case. And the competition (in this case Apple) nails it.

More than that, Samsung says all the right things on their accessibility page.

They just don’t deliver. :disappointed_relieved:

At this point, to be honest, I don’t use smartthings for anything I really need. But I can’t recommend it for anyone else who requires a voice reader at this time.

I really hope that when they build in matter support they also improve the voice accessibility. But we will see.

Meanwhile, given that there is a very good alternative for those of us who need voice reader support (Apple HomeKit), and a decent lower cost alternative for many people (Alexa routines), I don’t feel the same kind of urgency around this issue that I did a couple of years ago when there really weren’t alternatives.

The number one thing I’d like to see Samsung prioritize is protecting individual consumers’ time investments in their existing systems. Stop randomly taking away features that people already rely on, or introducing changes without any documentation or explanation of how they will impact existing setups.

That’s a change we can all welcome. :sunglasses:


As I’ve mentioned before, I don’t have the energy or reliability to really participate in testing beta systems. I just don’t do that anymore.

However, there are many organizations that do provide exactly this kind of guidance, some for free, some for a fee, and I believe Samsung has its own accessibility department. It just appears that the smartthings UI development team didn’t consult with them before releasing this.

So they don’t need me, there are plenty of more qualified professional UI designers and testers who cover this area. some in their own company. :wink:


That didn’t work the first time. So I just tried it again and it acting like no hub is configured to my account.


I have exactly the same thing my carefully crafted rooms have become on giant list name of some devices changed and cannot control any devices It say has trouble connecting, but automations and scenes run fine, finally got my widgets back, just wish there was some description in the update on how to get my devices working


Slight display issue on the Smart Lock Guest Access tile…

Tagging @blake.arnold


How do you edit a scene with the latest app? I can click on it to run it, but I can’t edit it.

Click on the name to edit it. Click on the play button to run it. :slight_smile:

Wow. That’s touchy. I was touching the icon that I assigned to it thinking that would be enough. Thanks.

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Anyway to get smart apps from IDE to show in new app? Can’t find a way to add them now.

I’ve been unable to add custom apps to my new location also. I contacted support and was told it’s no longer supported but I should review the community forums to “see if someone has a workaround”. It also looks like a number of integrations with other services (IFTTT, arlo) are unavailable to add to new locations.

Looks OK on an 11:

Hi guys how can I hide devices on the new app, the reason why I need to hide them is because I have some redundant smart switches around the house that make sense in the physical world but not in the app

You can’t ‘hide’ a device… Just make an extra room for extraneous devices and stuff them all in there and make sure they’re not on the favorites page.


As always, nice cluster mess by Samsung again. Reinstalled app to get devices to register, having trouble accessing multiple devices. Some automations are not working. Hoping it sorts itself out…

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