SmartThings iOS app update 1.6.94 (January 12 2023)

  • iOS app supports Matter now
  • All Devices are now displayed by Room
  • The Offline indicator is colorful as noted by the Android users with their app
  • improvements for Automations
  • Device groups can now be triggered as an action in Routines
  • search for Unknown tags near you

I did see the Philips Hue notice

Did the app update clear anybody else’s Favorites settings?

mine are OK

Mine are unchanged.

whew, force closed the app and relaunched and its back :sweat_smile:

I can now create camera groups for Ring cameras


Has SmartThings Home Monitor armed state always been available in scenes? I thought it was restricted from scenes and only available in Routines :thinking:

I have had a Disarm scene for quite a while. This allows me to disarm the system with a widget and not have to open the mobile app.

I created it back when the mobile app was painfully slow to open.

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As much as I can’t believe it, response time appears to have improved significantly. I’ve closed out the app fully several times both on an iPad and iPhone and load up times and access to devices is much much better.


This is not new to today’s update. I find that some times my Favorties are there, sometimes they are not. Closing and re-opening usually brings them back. Same with device history. Sometimes it’s there, sometimes it’s not. Eventually I can get to it again. One of the multiple glitches with the app that I’ve grown to live with for many versions…

So far what I can say is that my rooms didn’t re-order, but I did receive a message about my presence functionality that didn’t make sense (my presence was being managed on another device?).

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I don’t even want to praise it yet, but I haven’t seen the “network connection” delay once yet…


Knock on wood - they may have done something awesome to affect the app performance with this update. Not a single network connection error, data is updating quickly, if/when data doesn’t updated immediately the app will still open detail screens…

Please don’t make me eat my words, please don’t make me eat my words, please don’t make me eat my words…

Agree, noticeably faster after this update. Lets hope it sticks!

I feel like my app is always faster after a fresh update and just degrades over time.

True. But I have never seen it this responsive.

Yea, this is different. I’ve been the biggest critic of the iOS app for the past year and a half at least, and I’m feeling good about it. I hate that whatever they did took so long, but I’m going to stay hopeful.

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Ok, they have definitely changed something. It looks like you can now use the app while things are loading. If you go into a device before it’s updated you’ll see this at the bottom. 100% better way to do it.


Def a significant improvement with responsiveness!

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Another win for iOS I noticed earlier: you can add a Matter device via NFC. Android only allows the code.