SmartThings (Samsung Connect) UI Update - Android 1.7.27-25, iOS 1.6.27

Maybe it would be good to start a new thread specifically for this major UI update to the Smartthings app, people inc devs can see clearly peoples thoughts

oh dear

The new UI version should not keep asking me to add devices to rooms, i have many devices that serve multiple options and do not require rooms, it would be a major screw up if the devices that have no room assigned were added to a room and then that room was switched on or off, or at least give us a room with a name that relates to devices that are not specific… perhaps safe room or unassigned room


Can you add a screen shot to your original post so it’s a little more clear what the UI looks like? I believe it’s only for Android 10 at this point.

I echo the “Oh Dear!”

Here are the issues I’ve seen in the first 10 minutes trying to use it:

  • I keep getting asked to add devices that were in rooms before to rooms. No idea why since the vast majority of my devices was already organized in rooms (well groups… I had rooms called “Settings”, “Access Control”, “Plumbing”, etc).
  • The new app does not seem to be aware of some of my existing rooms, such as “Master Suite” and others…
  • The annoying pop up window asking me to add devices to rooms does not allow to create new rooms!
  • I believe there is no rhyme or reason to the sorting of rooms, and devices (comment may not be applicable to all areas of app but it did seem to be the case for most of what I looked at for now)
  • I tried creating a new scene and got kicked out 3 times. To reproduce, create a scene, give it a name, add a dozen devices or so from two rooms (one of them is a hue light), and try to edit the hue light… I consistently get kicked out and my scene is not saved.
  • AAAARRRRGGGHHHHHH - Maybe I am missing it, but do you seriously have to list all devices by room in one single super long list??? In whatever the main page is called, I had to do 7 long thumb flicks to get to the Upstairs Bathroom Light (last room listed)! I really want to talk to the UI developers to understand what they rationale is! I will send my arthritis bills to them upon its onset due to this ridiculous UI. I am still hoping I am missing something… and that there is some way to just see rooms, and then to see ONLY the devices in that room once selected. A continuous list is obnoxious even if you are taken to a specific section (room) in the list as we all flick the screen up and down to get to top or bottom, right?

This is only in the first 10 minutes…


  • Only 20 rooms allowed?! I have an average house and have 16 different “rooms“ (including a ‘House’ room). Imagine how many homes have way more that 20 rooms! My family’s house in Italy would require at least 30 rooms! Why this arbitrary low limit? I guess this is why some of my rooms are missing. GRRRRR

Nope, I have a Note 8 running Android 8.0.0 and the update popped up this morning on both my tablet and my phone.

EDIT: Just as I was taking the screenshot, the ST gremlins got me… my hub went offline! :japanese_ogre::japanese_ogre::japanese_ogre:

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Thanks JD
I also echo that the annoying pop up that insists you add devices to rooms should have the ‘create new room’ option available, this is available elsewhere in the app but not available in the insistent pop up, to avoid adding devices to rooms you have to exit the whole app, a definate no no

And WHY is there a huge gap at the top where it says Home ?? All i can assume is that this is the start of regular UI updates that will build on this initial update. At the moment UI inconsistencies abound

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Yikes! That big empty space is such a waste.

Actually im betting it will be damn advertising space like the last version

At least the last version you could hide that panel from the dashboard. It doesn’t sound like you can hide things in this version?

Now I know why some SmartThings devices got different icons a couple weeks ago in the add device list.

And some

Oh wow. I kinda do like adding by brand though…

I do also wonder if every v device should use the brilliant UVDT device type, its like the swiss army knife of devices that solves so many conundrums

Any news on when this update will this be available in iOS. It looks like it solves a few UI issues. Specifically grouping on the dashboard l

Im guessing not long, seems to be rolling out across the board now.

I have also noticed the new iconography is also used in the phones drop down panel

Maybe ill install Bluestacks on my PC so i can have a play around

edit: nevermind. BlueStacks runs Android 7.0 and the app requires 8.0

Wait! How many mobile devices are running android versions lower than 8??? Hmmmm

You can add new room. Go all the way down to “Custom” and add new room

Yup found that but the same option should be available in the add to room pop up box

SHM is added as an automatuon with the usual options and a delay timer for activation, to delete a SHM automation you need to go to automations (3 bar on home screen) find the SHM automation, hold it down and wait for it to be selected, then you can delete the action

Why deleting a SHM automation is not easier simply by editing it is a mystery, they only had to add a delete option at the bottom of a SHM setup page

I was aware of that but being forced into the add device to room without the option to create one there is a UI design flaw. Either way, I am not seeing all my rooms as I have 23 of them and the limit is 20! Why???