SmartThings iOS app update (v. 1.6.67/1.6.68) June 2021

I think that will be the work around I hope they bring back the hide functionality in my opinion is a cleaner solution

This new app is the second step back in as many updates. Nothing works, unintuitive interface and nonsensical layout. Less functional than two versions ago. Sadly, I now have no use for this app or platform. It used to be good.



It was possible in the previous version

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What youre seeing is remove from favorites.

The favorites panel is now basically what the home panel was. You can absolutely remove or show a device from favorites

The device is still visible in its room on tge rooms page.

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Fun fact: syncing of the Favorites page across all devices is enabled by default. If you want to set up individual Favorites pages, you can disable sync by going to menu > settings (gear icon) and disable Sync :slight_smile:


Nothing is working for me since yesterday morning (June 19). I don’t know if it’s related to the iOS update or not. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the app, reset the hub, my router, etc. When I try to turn on or off any devices connected via smartthings, I just get a progress wheel for a few seconds and then an error that says “a network or server error occurred. try again later”.

What do you mean by “reset the hub”? Did you power it off for several minutes and remove batteries if a v2?

The word “reset” always sends shivers up my spine when I hear that term :slight_smile:


Sorry, I should have just said power cycled. Mine does not have batteries. I did not push the little button inside the pinhole on the back though.


Power it off for 15 minutes and see if that works

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Hi. This is only just impacted us last night when we went to bed and the Widget’s were missing from the OS integration AND inside the app. Additionally non of the devices were responding. After a lot of restarting I finally managed to get everything to shut down but the Widget’s are still missing.

I use this as a quick method before bed and it does not need my glasses and opening the app. It is missing for all iOS 24 users only?

Several things to try…
Reboot your mobile device.
Uninstall/reinstall the app

Then check in widgets that ST is selected.

Note: users have pointed out the widget now opens the ST app when you click on it

Tried it again this morning. Followed the steps and I do not see SmartThings as an available Widget in the list.

Also if the widget opens up the app what is the point of a widget.

If I can get the widgets working I will be able to comment on that more

Right now this has messed with a piece that SmartThings has never broken even through the hand off. I have many devices and rely on this.

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In the ST app, go to menu > settings (gear icon) > widget and make sure you have scenes selected.

On your iOS device, go to widgets, select edit, then click on + in the upper left of the screen, then scroll down and search for ST

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Nope. That didn’t work either. I just keep getting 'A network or server error occurred. Try again later.

If you login to IDE, does your hub appear as active?

You may want to open a support ticket with ST at this point and let them look into it.

Upgrade seems a questionable term given that I can’t seem to connect with any devices now that my phone has taken the update. This is particularly annoying with my (luckily only one) SmartThings bulb, since I am now unable to turn it off. All of the other lights, I can at least still control from my Hue app. Am I the only one for whom the update has created a black hole for connectivity? I have power cycled the hub without effect : )


Uninstall/reinstall the app

I did - no error now but when I try to manually turn off the #*{+ SmartThings light it spins and then just continues to show it on (which is reality), and none of my automations controlling lighting are working. Power cycled the hub again but no joy.

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when the app is installed 4 places… and they all indicate the same thing?

Report the issue to ST support