SmartThings iOS app update 1.6.89 (August 19, 2022)

new iOS app update is out

Devices using Edge drivers show in the hub’s Connected devices

Menu > Supported devices has been added

Create Routine screen has changed slightly with one additional color

Does this fix the broken labels on custom capabilities?

Is it my imagination or has the response time improved significantly? I’ve quit and restarted the app several times and so far every time response/updates seems much better.

I don’t think so.

I believe this is the update that breaks the custom tiles labels. It’s like Russian roulette. Each release will break something, you just don’t know what or how bad. I can’t document how many days/weeks/months I’ve spent testing each new release documenting bugs and raising tickets and working with the ST support team to get the bugs fixed and each one takes months to be resolved. I can’t understand why there can’t be a comprehensive assurance program before releasing an app update. So many of those bugs I’ve reported are so straight forward that even a basic functionality test should have caught them.


Before I install… what does this mean and what will it affect?

Absolutely not. I just spent 30 seconds and three “network connection” messages trying to turn on a light as the app warmed up.

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Interesting. I’m still getting those network connection messages on start up but they are going away much faster and the devices are updating way faster. Still the same this morning.

Don’t install it. With the SmartThings app it’s best to use the policy - if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. Only God and the mobile app dev knows why they make releases because they don’t share anything - we’re left wondering and figuring out what they broke (rarely do you ever see anything new) and then spend our time creating tickets to fix something that should never have been broken to begin with.

The best iOS app to date is actually one from last year which I still have installed on two iPhones and it has the fewest issues of any release. That version just works, everything including custom capabilities et al - and it’s fast.


It’s great that you can actually get a response on tickets. I always get the first layer of “reinstall the app”, second layer of “send us the logs”, and then it usually dies with me hearing “it’s normal” or “we’ll send it to our developers for review” or even no response.

I agree - there was an update last June (2021, I think, though it’s been so long it could have been 2020) that really started the decline. The “new” app worked fine initially and after this particular update it fell to crap. I wish I could go back.


I’ll give it a chance…

Maybe something you’ve been cleaning up in advance of the groovy deprecation allowed the app to speed up?

Who knows.

I’m no fanboy of the app for sure - I’ve been a staunch critic. But I’m seeing an improvement with this update. Again, I did still get those network messages but overall I’m getting noticeably faster app response.



The new iOS update allows more routines to run local, I’m going through the ones that are not local and saving them, most are updating to run local

Temperature is now local.
Auto off after x minutes is now local
Illuminance also now local
Power meter is local


I don’t enjoy the extra step now to edit routines but that is just my personal preference. Nothing major…. I will get accustomed to it.

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If you tap the routine’s name it also takes you into edit mode

Yes… extra step. You can also click on actions or triggers to Edit. it opens the preferences for that item, then you can save and go back to add more triggers or actions. Again nothing major, just extra steps.