SmartThings iOS update 1.6.78 (January 28, 2022)

Yet another app update this month

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Let’s see… update notes are the same as the last version.

I hope it will get rid of the network connection problem.

Also having problems with iPhone connectivity since the 1/20/22 app update. Won’t let me connect until the phone is ‘able to connect to the SmartThings Server’. If I were there, I wouldn’t need to use the app!..…

It’s possible it fixed the issues for those who were having it after the last update, but it didn’t fix it for me. Still need to let the app “warm up” for 30 seconds after opening before trying to control anything, otherwise network connection error and spinning circles on the devices. Sigh.

Do you have an “old" iPhone? Since I have updated from a 6+ to 13 Pro Max, I don’t have this issue anymore.

I have an XS and my wife has an 11 with the same issues. Not the latest, but I wouldn’t consider them old either. Have had no performance issues with other apps. The response is lightning fast when I access through the Safari browser.

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4 days after the update and the recurring connection problem every 2 days is resolved.:slightly_smiling_face:

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Wow, I opened the iOS app tonight and was met with a total reset of all my previously set backgrounds, and all of my Rooms are no longer in the order I had them set to.

With all of the various problems with both the iOS and Android SmartThings apps, I say it’s time for Samsung to RESET their mobile developer teams!