SmartThings iOS app update (v. 1.6.70) September 17, 2021

Yep… new update has arrived for iOS

Please say it is a vast improvement for iOS users and as a better overall design

Wait for it…
Wait for it….

The sound of crickets in the background

Still waiting for the regression bug fix which causes some custom devices not to show up in the Automations (was working 2 releases ago, was hoping it was fixed in this release)



oh well, il stop mashing the update button and just keep using home remote for as long as I can

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And for those who wondered, as far as I can tell from a quick test all of the previous voiceover issues are still there. :disappointed_relieved:

It also looks like there may be a few new ones. On the following page, none of the entries are marked as actionable, so they just sound like headers. I don’t remember that being an issue before, but it might have been.


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still about as stable as a house of cards in a wind storm. :frowning:


Yup, I have not noticed anything new other than the version number.

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Still a few versions ago. Won’t update until I see positive reviews.

Yes, no improvement with respect to the network errors, spinning circles, incorrect device statuses, inability to control after opening the app, etc.

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Kinda sad when you think of the resources behind all this.

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New one I’ve found with the widgets - if the app is already open and you are on a certain part of some of the pages, the widget scenes will not run. For example, when my app is opened and it’s at the bottom of the Automations page, the widgets just do not run.

It’s insane how messed up this app is.

And I can’t possible explain all of the little bugs to support.

For those experiencing issues, please help out by submitting cases.

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how do I determine which version that I have?

in the ST app… go to Menu > Settings > About SmartThings
or in the App Store, look at the installed app you have for ST

Thank you. I have the latest.



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One thing I noticed today and not sure if it is related to the app update or a backend change or if it occurred earlier…

When I removed some devices today, the automations they were associated with were not deleted. The devices were simply removed from them. One did show Unknown device in place of one of them in the automation.

Sorry if this has already been noted by others somewhere in the forum.

Update: automations that contained other devices were not removed. Automations that only had deleted devices were removed. Just to clarify my post.

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