SmartThings iOS app update (v. 1.6.69) August 19, 2021

first Edge and now a new iOS app update… what a day!

release note: some features have been stabilized


Woohoo, no 200 device Limit! Phew! This app upgrade is also needed for installing Edge devices. And brings the where-used list for device automations.


Great news! Lets hope they will lift it on the android app as well. Any way of checking without having 200 devices?

I am soooooo scared of installing this. I might just go and install all of the devices I have in the “box” just so I can have them ready when needed.

Is it any quicker?…

So far, it’s better. And I’ve been very critical since the previous update.

LMAO, let’s hope the next Android release does too.

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The errors and incorrect statuses are gone.

There is still some lag for status, not as bad as before, but still there a bit.

Haven’t checked out all of my other concerns yet.

But still better than it was.

I am sad to report that the voiceover issues from the last version do not seem to have been addressed at all. It’s still unusable for voice navigation. :disappointed_relieved:

@smartthings @psbarrett @garrett.kranz Guys please help this man out. Is it so difficult to implement this?


I spoke too soon. Network and device connection issues just restarted. :frowning:

viewing SmartThings Cam was fixed

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Was there an issue?

yup, used to give an error whenever going to the device page for a SmartThings Cam


I thought I’d make a video tonight to show how well the Smartthings app (NOT!) works on iOS.

Attached is a clip trying to change a lamp from on to off. Took about 1 minute 20 seconds to get it to respond.

That is horrible. No wonder you guys are screaming about the latest updates

Yeah the ST app for me has always been terrible on iOS. I just don’t rely on it at all to switch lights on or off ( or anything for that matter ) I don’t understand why folk would even want to do that, but that’s just me.

If you really want to do this I recommend using actiontiles and creating a shortcut on your phone with all of your devices. Works instant.

This app update is still a disaster.

I’m finding that there is a period of time after first opening the app (from a forced close) where it does not allow device control and does not reflect updates.

That video (above) was taken trying to control a lamp after opening the app.

If I let the phone go to its lock screen and then re-open, control resumes and device status is correct. Then things all work pretty much as expected.

I have issues with scenes which change devices and the devices will not update their status properly following execution of the scene until I force close and reopen the app.

I tried to submit yet another case (think this is my 5th). Guess what? They asked me to reinstall again…

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They did resolve the Smart Lock Guest Access tile display with this update :slight_smile:

The text is no longer hidden behind the LOCK ALL …

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Maybe one of these days they will replace the Connected Services with Linked Services on the voice assistant screen … only been that way for well over a year now :frowning:

Hint hint

Though I rarely use an app, ive been using the home remote app. So much quicker than ST

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