SmartThings iOS app update (v. 1.6.74) December 1, 2021

A new iOS app update is available….

What’s not changed this time ?


On my iPhone it got rid of all of those pesky Automations or Routines, whatever
they are called today.

Also if I select a notification it says: Automation deleted.


I just added an automation and it then shows a list of automations, with only the one newly created automation.

Just checked on my wife’s Android and it appears those pesky Automations or Routines are at least still on it.

All my automations still show.

Some of the VoiceOver features changed.

They didn’t fix anything that was previously broken, but they did break some new stuff. :scream:

Same problem as always for any tile that has a power button.

But a new problem on screens that offer multiple selections

I don’t know who to report these issues to now since the staff member who used to collect accessibility issues, @blake.Arnold , no longer seems to be an active user in the forum.

@Brad_ST , I know this isn’t your area, but do you know who should receive these reports now?


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This release is supposed to fix the false network connection error.

According to LinkedIn, Blake is no longer with SmartThings.

Holy crap. Can they fix this piece of $#!t PLEEEEEEEEEEEASE? I cannot think of one other mobile app I’ve ever used that has been as deficient and defective as the iOS Smartthings app has become. Network connection delays, network errors, spinning circles, widgets that don’t run, and, oh yea, presence that no longer functions. I can’t put in any more cases to be told to delete and reinstall the app and restart my phone. It’s an absolute waste of time with an inept support system.

I’m actually finding this update worse than the last one. Now I’m back to getting spinning circles with “network error” timeouts. Same experience on both my phone and my wife’s phone. And like a dumb@$$, I did actually try to delete and reinstall the app again, only to have to fix my settings and reconfigure my displays, with absolutely no change to the app performance.

It’s sad enough that they don’t test their stuff before releasing it apparently, but it’s even worse that they have no way to get usage information and feedback from customers who are interested in helping solve the problems and turn that in to functional improvements.

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Luckily you only have to wait a month for it to get even more rubbish, thank goodness for fast agile programming