SmartThings Hub + Fibaro Smoke detector?


I have bought your device Smartthings HUB 2nd Generation and I have the Fibaro Smoke detector: Zwave,

How to connect this smoke detector into your SmartThing Hub?

Looking forward to your quick reply.

I hate it when this is done to me… but there are plenty of threads with the information you seek located in this forum.

Here’s one of the main discussions had on the device:

The search tool really is your friend (just like it was mine for finding the thread I linked)

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So it means that Fibaro Smoke Detector is not supported now on this SmartThings Hub?

The second generation model of the fibaro smoke sensor, Model Number, FGSS-002, is on the official “works with smart things” list for the UK.

However, the first generation Model Number, FGSS-001 does not work with smartthings.

For more information, contact

I see. I live in Lithuania, Europe. Could you give me the exact instructions, how to connect the Fibaro Smoke detector on my Samsung Smart Hub 2nd generation? Thanks in advance.

Put your hub into the add things mode, then triple click the B button (at the center) of your smoke sensor.