Fibaro Smoke Sensor FGSS-001

Continue from this thread, the secure joining seems incomplete, so the question is how to secure join them, programmatically.

@Tyler, any pointer would be very much appreciated

I thought only the 002 model worked with SmartThings?

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As mentioned by the support email in yr post, same as the fgs-221, not supported officially and require custom code.

What I’m looking here is to get help on developing the custom code.

There’s a difference between “not officially supported” and “incompatible.”

“Not officially supported” may mean that community members can create custom code that will work with the device.

“Incompatible” means that no matter what you do, the device will not work with SmartThings. It’s not something you can fix with code.

You can check with support and see what they say.

Yes, i do understand that, if the underlying architecture not compatible, we can’t do much

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Let us know what you find out, it would be great if it could work. :sunglasses:

@Tyler, appreciate your comments, the sensor is version 1, it can connect to the SmartThings, so do you think it’s more on having the right code to digest the zwave message, or the underlying protocol not supported?

Then I will not waste time on this.

It’s that the Device Type Handler is incompatible. You’d need a new one that worked with version 1.

I’m able to get the battery status now, but it took a days to update so testing is a pain, anyone know how to wake the device?

Hi, am new to all this - is a new device handler something that can be done with custom code or is this a complete lost cause?

Hi CSC - did you ever get any further with this?

I didn’t manage to get it work

Fibaro asked us not to support the FGSS-001. If you’d like a supported device, please purchase a FGSS-002.

I don’t know the level of effort it would take to support the 001.

Thanks Tyler - unfortunately the 002 is no good to me as it isn’t wired so doesn’t pass UK building regs. We have had a lot of renovation work done and our building inspector was ok with having 12v wired sensors if they were powered from a battery backed up alarm - but he wont pass the battery operated ones on the main escape route out of the house.

I might try asking Fibaro why they asked you guys not to support it - especially as their only other model is not UK building regs compliant for use on the main escape route of any dwelling house.

Hi CSC - did you make any progress at all on this or was it a total non-starter? I’m really intrigued as to why Fibaro asked SmartThings not to support the 001.

I have a Fibaro HC2 controller and am wondering if there is any way I can use that to figure out how to get the ST hub to talk to the 001 :confounded:

I tried but only manage to get the battery reading

ah - thats a pain. All I really need to do is be able to set preferences and read the temp sensor…

So I was in a similar position, I had a FGSS-001 that I really want to have wired. I have other alarms in the house, so I am willing to have it execute in the Cloud. My Device Handler is here -

It reports Battery and Temperature. Add your FGSS-001 as normal which will appear as a ZWave Sensor and then change it for this.

Wow, I will try it out tonight.
Did you try to trigger the alarm?

At the moment it is really far away from the hub and other fibaro modules and it beeps in the middle of the night, so it is unplugged at the moment! I was coding whilst it was plugged into a wall socket and now it is wired to the ceiling! I am trying to set Parameter 80 to turn the Range Test off, but not having much luck at the moment. I have some more code to push some time tomorrow.