Fibaro Smoke detector

Hi guys,

I wonder whether you will support the Fibaro Smoke detector in the near future?


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There are half a dozen of these on my desk right now :wink:

Official support is coming very soon - hopefully by the end of the month.

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Is it the U.S. Zwave version?

The versions I have are for the UK, but the Fibaro devices are the same across different regions. I don’t know if they’re selling them in the US yet.

Smoke detectors in both regions are covered by special laws/codes different than other types of sensors. (They also don’t act as zwave repeaters even if hardwired.)

The smoke sensors were announced by Fibaro for the US market two years ago, but they have yet to receive Zwave US or FCC certification.

The US has some very specific audio signal requirements for smoke detectors, and while they are similar in principle, the details are not the same as those for Europe. This usually means a completely different engineering run, not just a frequency change.

BS 5839 recommends that a fire alarm system be sufficient to all persons intended. Sound pressure levels are generally recommended to be a minimum of 65 dBA and a maximum of 120 dBA. A reduction to 60 dBA is applicable in certain circumstances, and a sound differential of at least 5 dBA is only applicable in spaces with an ambient sound level greater than 60 dBA. Sleeping areas are recommended to have a sound pressure level of 75 dBA. The principles are similar to NFPA 72; however, NFPA 72 typically requires a 10 dBA difference, or 5 dBA above the maximum ambient noise, with a maximum sound pressure level of 110 dBA.

So I think it unlikely that the US and UK certified smoke detectors would be identical devices, although the Z wave commands might be the same.

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Great info. I was just referring to the Z-Wave implementation.

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Yeah, US smoke sensors depend on a startle effect. They set a lower maximum noise but require a bigger jump when the alarm goes off.

UK smoke sensors can go to a higher noise level, but in smaller increments.

There are probably some architectural reasons for that, very old buildings like you get in Europe have different acoustics. You may hear an alarm that sounds like it’s coming from much further away.

Anyway, it means you can repurpose contact sensors and motion sensors for both regions, but with smoke sensors you pretty much have to go back to the drawing board and design a new device. At least as far as the acoustic properties.

I cross my fingers :). Thank you!

These look like nice units, but no mention of CO detection capability on the manufacturer’s website, which is required by most states and/or municipalities in the U.S.

They don’t have a model certified for US use yet. I’m sure there will be a number of changes.

Any news on the official support for fibaro smoke detectors?

Havent heard anything unfortunately

Any news on the support of Fibaro smoke detector?


Am wondering if these are supported now please?


Hi there!

I just bought a Fibaro smoke detector. I am in EU and the frequency is EU.
The hub does not see it.

I thought it was listed on the compatible devices few days ago (when i placed the order) but i cannot see it now.

Is it supported or not?

Thank you

EDIT: I think i was going crazy. The Fibaro smoke detector is listed as compatible in the UK smartthings page.
See the attached screenshot:

So i guess now the question is: Why does the hub not see the smoke detector that is officially listed as compatible?

Hi there!

This device is officially supported, but we’ve seen some reports that it’s been pairing as a generic Z-Wave sensor in the UK. I have an engineer assigned to this and I hope to have it fixed shortly. I’m very sorry for the inconvenience!

Hi Tyler! I opened a case with Support and Joe helped me.

It is indeed recognized as a generic z wave sensor so Joe had to manually change the device type for me.

The battery percentage is not working so far but Joe told me to wait for 24 hours.

Thanks a lot!

Hi all

In having the same issue as ktsi. It just gets picked up as a generic z wave sensor. Could do with some help with it. Any idea when the issue will be fixed as I’m planning on buying several more and if possible was hoping to avoid manual intervention.

Thanks in advance

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You ask support to change the device type for you. I will have to do the same because I performed a hard reset of the hub and I will have to reconnect the smoke detector.

I’ve just picked one of these up but it’s not being seen the hub at all. I bought it from amazon which listed it as the fgss-002. I have received the fgss-001. Is the 001 not compatible?

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