ST and Fibaro FGSS-001 Smoke Sensor

Purchased the UK ST yesterday after having a US version that was incompatable with my Fibaro devices. I used the directions here and it connected but when offline and could not connect again. Its on battery power but that does not seem to be the problem. Both it and the ST are in the same room. Does anyone know what to do ?

I bought two of these a while back. Smartthings didn’t recognise them properly so I had to email support and ask them to change the device type to the Fibaro smoke sensor at their end. They did it within about half an hour and they’ve been working properly ever since.

Thanks Aurial. A long day trying to get these working but no zwave device can be setup. I’ve an email gone to support, ST is most likely been returned.

Response from ST support

"I am really sorry but I will have to disappoint you. The smoke detector you have is not compatible due to the Z-wave architecture Fibaro have built into it. There are 2 models available the 001 and the 002, whilst the 001 is not compatible the 002 is (confusing I know). We also don’t currently support multi-channel devices such as the fibaro-fgs-221-double-on-off-relay-switch, and this would require a custom code to get it to work… As it is a dual switch you may only be able to get one of the switches to work.

The best place for getting the custom code would be the community, we have many of our programmers and engineers working along side fellow SmartThings users with custom integrations and automations. I have provided you a link to our UK compatibility list as well as the community."

The newer fibaro devices have a different firmware and haven’t gone through testing yet. We’re working on this now (the latest round of Hub firmware updates were needed to get started doing)

Hi @Aaron, is the FGSD-002 supported currently?

It’s so confusing. Which Fibaro Smoke Sensor is officially supported, FGSS-001 or FGSD-002? Can’t find this information anywhere. ST compatibility page (and app) lists Fibaro Smoke Sensor, but no mention of model number.

FGSD-002 is the model of Fibaro Smoke Sensor currently certified to work with SmartThings!


Bah, so annoying. I need to use the 001 as it has to connect to my house alarm for building regs purposes…

A further question though - would it be possible to support the Fibaro FGSS-001 using custom code? Seeing as the device is picked up by the STH - one would imagine it should be able to talk to it?