Fibaro smoke sensor

is there any plans to add support for Fibaro smoke sensor ? I saw a few posts in the US community but no real solution since the device is not sold in the US.
I have a few Fibaro sensors and it would be great to integrate them.

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As far as I know there are people that have created Device Handlers of their own to support the Fibaro devices. I myself was looking into the Motion Sensor

I found support for different Fibaro devices but unfortunately not for the smoke sensor.

Although it is a certified zwave device, the fibaro smoke sensor (EU frequency) has had some compatibility issues with multiple zwave controllers, not just SmartThings, from the beginning. I’m not sure what the problem is, but if you read reviews for it on many zwave product sites, you will see people discussing compatibility issues. It does clearly work for some people, but also not for others. has stopped carrying it.

If you get it, I’m sure there are community members who will help you try to get it working, I just don’t know if they’ll succeed. So I would get it from someplace with a good returns policy.

Hello I just got a Fibaro smoke sensor but ST finds it only as a plug… so it wont work.

does anyone have a fix for this pls?

Have you tried going to the ide and change the device handler from a plug to a “fibaro smoke detector” ?

no , i am new to all this i just figured out smarthings IED and dvice handlers.

i will now try what u sujested and edit the device handler but first i will have to pair the smoke sensor with the hub again.

so what i do is i just edit the name to what u said and then save, publish and instal in the smoke senor right?

this is my first time dooing this and got my hub only last week

I haven’t got one of your smoke detectors but the process should be :
Add the device as you did before.
Login to the ide.
Go to devices
Find your device and click on edit.
Change the device type /handler to Fibaro Smoke detector.

Give it a go. Not sure if it will work but this is the standard way to change device handlers.

Can I ask from whom you bought and exactly which model it is.

Simple reason is I too am looking to buy the Fibaro Smoke but at the minute am totally confused as to which model is best.

There is some info here which may be of some use Fibaro Smoke detector

Good luck getting it sorted

figured it out while u were replying. i did it and edited it also edited its

when it detects smoke the app does not show it, i can see in the IED website is detecting but in the app there is no signal

any advice where i could find the code for this device pls?

thank u for this i posted there now

its model FGSS 001 i got it from fibaro UK.