Smart Home Monitor - "Something's Wrong"

Hopefully this is in the correct place.

I’m pretty new to SmartThings. Less than a week. I purchased the Hub and a few sensors. I’ve been playing around with the app, setting some stuff up, routines - etc.

I’ve gotten some things going, had both the “Classic” app installed as well as the “new” SmartThings app installed (which seems to never work?).

I noticed for the last couple days, when I go in to the Classic app - I can no longer access “Smart Home Monitor”. It continuously tells me “Something’s Wrong - we couldn’t display this screen”. Over and over and over.

However - if I create a new location, I’m able to access it just fine.

I found out about IDE, logged in there - uninstalled everything inside SMH, uninstalled SMH itself - and it still won’t work.

If I use the “new” app - SMH does nothing. Doesn’t matter if I arm it, disarm it - there’s no change.

I’ve tried uninstalling both apps, reinstalling the old one.

I’ve e-mailed support, but it was over the weekend. I read through these forums and saw a lot of complaints about this dating back to 2015 - 2016.

Also saw a lot of complaints about instability and now I’m wondering if I made a mistake with this purchase.

Yes there have been plenty of issues with SHM over the years, including during some larger platform outages (which have been occurring frequently recently).

But in your case it sounds like the issue may have to do with some confusion on the back end due to both mobile apps being installed, more than one location setup, etc.

Support can likely troubleshoot in the most detail. They have chat and phone hours now that it’s Monday, if you want to try to reach them that way.

Thanks for your thoughts.

I was thinking there was potentially a conflict with both apps - however I’ve seen quite a few people stating that they were using both.

Currently it doesn’t really seem like the new app is very useful. Everytime I opened it, it would say it was “checking status” on my devices and usually stick like that. Arming / Disarming didn’t change anything, etc. It looked nice, but didn’t do much.

Being new to this - I feel I may have invested at a bad time (new app released right as I bought). I’m finding their apps to be pretty poorly designed and pretty difficult to use. I’ve had Phillips Hue for quite a while and I’ve been a bit disappointed in the lackluster options for a lot of the stuff. However…now I’m realizing that there’s a lot of third party support thanks to this forum.

Hopefully support gets back with me. I’ll try a live chat with them in a few hours.

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There are a lot of recent threads about the new vs. old mobile apps. Unfortunately, they seem to have done a pretty bad job of transitioning from the old to the new, a lot of people are really confused.

Experiences vary, and seem to depend on several factors. Like whether you have an old SmartThings account, a newer Samsung account, if you were using the older SmartThings app or the Samsung connect app (which became the new ST app). I’m sure there are other variables.

Bottom line is that for now at least, what one person describes when using the new app may or may not apply to others.

Thanks for all the information.

I was unfortunately not aware of the new vs old when I bought and set this up or I’d have avoided one, ha! I have a Samsung phone and happened to see native support for IoT built into it (which was apparently Samsung Connect). So I looked for it and ended up having both apps.

I appreciate you taking the time to respond.

Unfortunately this is probably true.

Doesn’t mean you can’t get things working acceptably with the help of tech support. And once this whole migration mess is over hopefully everything will make more sense.

But for now it’s probably going to take a little work to get your system setup the way you want. Good luck!

Lots of super folks here ready to help in many ways.

Once you get your base stuff running again, please give ActionTiles a try (full functionality is free for 14 days trial). Customers find it much more convenient for day-to-day touch control, and/or for use in a mounted tablet like the classic fancy home control system.



Thanks, I’m going to take a look.

Also just as an update - @marktheknife - I did a livechat with support this afternoon. They were able to resolve the issue for me. Looks like it was a conflict from having both apps installed.

I appreciate the responses!

Going to take a look at everything here, excited to see all the additional things that can be done.


Just got webCoRe installed and got a couple test things running. Just wanted to say thanks. It was super easy to get going and seems pretty simple to work with and yet very powerful. Also just realized that you made the video above, really well done.

Thanks a bunch.


Have the wife do the next video. :pineapple:

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Pineapple Piston!

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Haha! Made it quite elegant actually. :wink:

Highly recommend more videos if you’re not already doing them.

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