Smartthings Home Monitor Issues

Hi there, I could use some of your experience and would be grateful if any of you could help:

Smartthings Home Monitor was working without any problems for month (or: always) in the new app until 12 hours ago. Since this point, the Home Monitor shows “No Devices”. In all three sections security, smoke, waterleak.
I do have several of all those sensors running without any problems since years even. Motion, Waterleak, Multipurpose. From Samsung itself and other official partners. I havent changed anything in those settings.
All of the sensors are still working properly and show in the rooms as allocated. I also do get notifications due to installed rules and other smartapps regarding all of the sensors.

I additionally can find all of those devices within the SMHM settings! They are all still assigned in the sections “present”, “absent”.

Has anyone of you experienced similar problem in the last days (and found a solution) or may this be some issue of the big transfer deadline september 8th and I just have to wait some days?

Thanks in advance for some help or tipps:)

I haven’t seen it happen once working but plenty have reported the 'no sensors issue after migrating.
The fix is usually uninstall STHM and reinstall it from the smartapps section of the app.

So, uninstall STHM and reinstall it - see if the problem persists.

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Thanks for your quick response and solution! So easy! Why havent I tought of it, oh my dear!

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