Smart Home Monitor missing from SmartApps tab (Restrictions by region)

I have configured various notifications in Smart things Classic via Smart Home Monitor but for some reason it doesn’t register itself under the Automation/SmartApps tab. Every time I want to adjust these I have to go through the “Add a SmartApp” wizard. I have tried removing all of the configurations for Smart Home Monitor and setting it up from scratch but the issue still occurs. Any ideas?

It should be on your dashboard tab. Tap it and then tap the gear icon in the upper right.

In the New SmartThings Application, I do not find Smart Monitoring in Automations Section. Did i miss a step?

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What region are you located?

I am in the Caribbean.
The classic SmartThings Application ( I have both versions of the App installed on my handset), does have the Smart Home Monitor, the new one does not.

Some stuff seems to be restricted by region in the new app. Do you have this list at all when you go to add an automation in the new app?

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Strange - is there somehow that you can change region? The Smart Home Monitor is the main reason for my current setup with the old SmartThings App. I need to be able to continue that setup in the new app - otherwise I need to find an alternative to ST and I really don’t want that (need to teach my wife a new interface).

Call Samsung support.

Having this same issue here. US region.

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I’m new to the SmartThings world - but I’ve been wracking my brain looking for this “Smart Home Monitor”… The app on my phone is version 1.7.21-25 and was updated Dec. 20, 2018… My Dashboard even looks different than anything I can find on Samsung pages - or in here…

Can you take a screenshot? I am not familiar with that version number but I am on iOS so perhaps there are different versions between iOS and Android. Also, what region are you in? SHM may not be available in your region if using SmartThings (Samsung Connect)?

I have…
2.17.1 (1422) SmartThings classic
1.16.21-207 SmartThings (Samsung Connect)

Thanks for the reply JKP - I found the Smart Home Monitor now - I was not looking at that list of suggestions - I was looking for something in the menu items… I know that sounds dumb… but I was looking for something in the menu’s… not suggested automations that other people had written…

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So for the first time I tried the new smartthings app. It looks pretty great but as this topics said there is no smart home monitor for me? I’m located in Sweden and using the uk v2 hub. Is this a region problem or am I missing something. I guess its still the best option to stay with the classic app.


Edit: There is no smart home monitor on the dashboard tab either.

Yes, SHM is only available to specific regions in the STSC app.

You will need to set it up first in the Classic app before it shows in the dashboard. Go to marketplace > SmartApps > safety & security and add SHM there. Then look in your dashboard.


I have SHM setup in the classic app and it is working there. Should I add SHM in smartapps in the classic app? Because there is no SHM in smartapps - safety & security. And in the new app there is no option to add smartapps at all. Just the list with the installed apps from the classic app

My mistake… I saw dashboard and my mind jumped to Classic for some reason. There is nothing you can do to get SHM installed if it is restricted in your region. You can always contact ST support and that they open it up in the future.


I see. To sad. It’s a little boring to be stuck with the classic app that’s not been updated for ages. Maybe it’s time to look for another product for my needings. :thinking:


I don’t have the smart home monitor available to select at all in the US. Is it because I have the ADT hub? I’ve seen other people using SHM with ADT Hub. Am I missing something?

I can’t find it to add in the classic app, either…

It’s because you have the ADT hub. I think you have to setup the location before adding the hub in order to trick SmartThings in to adding normal SHM.