SmartThings device dropouts & STHM outages

Is there any update regarding the devices dropping out over the weekend and today…

I am still seeing more and more devices showing in offline state causing automations to fail and unable to control devices, also STHM disappearing for some users.

I have submitted bug reports and seen the multitude of posts here, but have yet to see an update or timeline for when to expect a fix.
Pleas feel free to tag ST staff here who may be able to help.

Below image shows my Hue “Main light” as offline

But the same device shows “Connected” where the controls should be:


Tagging @SamsungZell @Brad_ST


Yeah I’m surprised no one has at least acknowledged yet.


I understand it can take time to resolve these issues but at least say it is being looked into or it will take so much time etc…

I was having issues but around sat or.sun everything seems to work…for now.

Hmm… still no news and loads of my devices are still being displayed as offline. I was wondering whether to try clearing app data, but I am worried I’ll lose all my automations and have to start over. Does anyone know if I can do that without problems?

Same here!
I have just cleared data on the app but still didn’t fix the issue, I imagine it is whichever SmartThings cloud they new app connects too.

Strangely enough when I click on one of the affected devices I get “We need to download an Add On” but when clicking download it doesn’t do anything.

I have also had an email to say devices may not show updates on the classic app but nothing about the new app.

@jody.albritton @SmartThings @Lars

Ah… looks like they may be aware after all and trying to fix something. Wish they’d said something tho. Ok I will hold on a little longer before ripping my hair out :slight_smile:

@Inge_Jones @Benjamin_Ginders Please open a ticket with support or call in and report the issue.

Oh I thought they’d already have been inundated with reports of the same thing. Load of people on ST facebook groups have it too, and on reddit I’ve seen at least one

These are not official support channels and the community is mainly developer/user-user support. Anyone having these issues should file an official support ticket so that it can be tracked and prioritized.

Hi @jody.albritton I have submitted 3 error reports via the SmartThings app but just get the standard Covid response so wanted to see if anyone here knew how to resolve the issue while waiting for the issue to be looked into

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I understand. Have you created a support ticket or received an email from SmartThings support?

If not, send an email to

Thanks Jody,
I have now sent an email to support the error reports

Also having issues with the app, says the hub is offline and a couple of devices is displayed as offline.

Using the classic app instead and everything is fine.

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I wrote to the email address suggested by Jody, who replied with everything looks ok on the IDE but I would need to contact UK support.

Once I hear back from the UK support team I will update here.

For anyone else from the UK who is facing issues please email:
For US:

I had a somewhat similar issue and it turned out that I had to be on my phone, and not my tablet, when I did the add-on update. Once I updated it on the phone, then it worked fine on the tablet. I don’t understand why there would be a difference, but there was. :thinking:


Hi there fellow ST’ers.

My migration from Zipato is not going as smooth as I hoped!

I have now added approximatley 70 devices to my hub but have started getting devices showind as offline in the new app. However, the Hub reports them as online as does the classic app - which can control the supposedly offline devices just fine…

I am getting this behaviour with both the iOS and Android version of the new app. Is anyone else experiencing this?

A hub reboot and a zwave network repair has not helped. have reinsalled the app on my Anroid device too (and cleared cache and app data)

Anyone have any ideas?

While specific to the Classic app, that is also specific to users in Asia Pacific. The issues mentioned in this thread appear to be limited to European users.

As Jody mentioned, please do report the issue to ST support. Reporting an issue through the app is the best way to guarantee your request is sent to the right regional resource. To do so, from the overflow menu (hamburger menu) tap Contact Us --> Report a problem --> Other. You can also include logs from the app which help with troubleshooting.

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But doesn’t it also entail support uselessly telling you to reset your hub and phone back to factory defaults and have to go through all that pointless hassle before they escalate you to real tech support? And if you refuse they close your ticket. That’s why I tend to avoid helpdesk and talk these things over with my fellow users. Can’t support be pointed at some of these threads instead so that they treat us all as a “class case” and not as individual problems that can all start off deleting all our devices. I do happen to believe that every company should have one member of support staff whose job it is to check out the forums and social media for problem trends