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Hubs going offline?

(Badri Varadarajan) #1

Noticed that my hubs are going offline and coming back online today. Started probably around noon Central. General symptom is that a hub going INACTIVE then becomes ACTIVE again within a few seconds, over and over.

Anyone else seeing this?


(Badri Varadarajan) #2

I also noticed pings are a lot less frequent than usual.

Far as I know, my internet connectivity is fine. Sounds like a Samsung thing?

(Jean May Jr) #3

Just received this via email;

Issues Pairing Devices and Delayed Device Control

An update has been posted

Our team continues to look into the issues with device control and pairing. Additionally, users may see offline or disconnected Hubs during this time. We will continue to provide updates as available.

Time posted

Dec 21, 16:50 EST

(Ron Czapala) #4

My Smartthings buttons not working, Classic app not working, Alexa commands not working…


(David G) #5

Only local automation/control working for me, no cloud functionality :frowning:


Same here. Cloud down! Merry Christmas :christmas_tree: from ST :cry:

(Ron Czapala) #8

Classic app working but can’t pair button. Alexa still broke


Cloud devices are coming back on. Garage door just opened (presence sensor), 20 minutes AFTER my wife got home and was parked (good thing it wasn’t while were sleeping. interior door still locked FYI. always treat your interior garage door as exterior just in case IMO.).

Thanks ST :-1:

(fightingmajor) #10

One of my three hubs is still offline.

(Ron Czapala) #11

All devices, apps and Alexa working now.

ST - Thanks for quick response

(Badri Varadarajan) #12

Stopped around 3:40 pm CST. Not sure if this is related to the other issues discussed on this thread, but anyway. Seems to be resolved at least for now.

@SmartThingsStaff, thanks if you resolved this. Some form of announcement of issues may help.

(Jeremy) #13

@smartthings_support I’m having this too now. I know it’s not internet because my hubs are in different states (geographically, not programmatically). It’s also making my devices unavailable. Not cool.


Yup, Like a yoyo.

To be expected … it’s Friday.


Having the same problem here, for the past 20 minutes or so.

(Kanishk Singh) #16

I got a notification too and then i saw most of the devices unavailable like hue, motion sensor, temp sensor etc. Restarted the hub remotely still devices showing as unavailable. Started 20 mins back

(Bill Wolfe) #17

Same problem here…

(Steve) #18

I have five hubs, all of which have disconnected and reconnected intermittently and repeatedly. Most devices are not coming back online when the hub reconnects. At least all my other security systems are still up and running, for now. And people ask me why I think smart guns are a stupid idea…

(burhan tetik) #19

Same here… And some of my devices are stucked in the inactive state but they are working fine. What is happening?

(Scott Olsen) #20

All of my devices show as disconnected, even though they still report activity and commands can be sent to them.

(jkp) #21

Some users may be experiencing issues with Hubs and devices showing offline incorrectly, as well as delays in automation execution. We are currently investigating and will provide updates as available.

Posted 7 minutes ago. Jan 04, 2019 - 15:26 EST