"SmartThings Classic" vs "SmartThings (Samsung Connect)"

Don’t use the newer “smartthings” app yet if you have separate accounts and originally set up SmartTHings w/a Smartthings (not Samsung) account.

Things aren’t ready yet - you’ll be invited to migrate to the new app later when it’s ready. For now just use the original (now called SMartThings Classic) app.

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Gotcha thanks, I thought it might already be there since the connect was upgraded to smartthings. Ok I’ll wait. Thanks for your help.

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I wouldn’t use the Samsung Connect App at all. It’s going to create bigger issues for you.

Until they migrate all of your ST stuff over to the Samsung account, you will see no devices and I do not recommend that you try adding devices in the Connect app.

Log into ST with your SmartThings account/pw only.

When they are ready, you will run thru the migration process so that all devices transfer to the other account.

The only people that this exists for right now are all the Account Migration Beta users and most of us are not touching the other app until ts ready. Just browsing and comparing functionality. Leave it alone. You will thank me later :slight_smile:

Just a bunch of misleading communications that have created topic after topic of confusion and complaints. They will send an email out when the app and migration process are ready. I’m guessing at least several months down the road. :slight_smile:

I just got a new new app for the Samsung connect to Smarthings app on my Samsung Galaxy S 8+. It appears that it now supports Groovy apps that have already been setup and can see all of my software from the IDE.

It looks like a new Smart Home Monitor app is included as well. I don’t see a way to install personal apps though from scratch yet…

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Keep us updated.

Even though they don’t list the ADT Smarthings system as incompatiable anywhere it clearly still is.

I checked all of the descriptive text for the app i could find and it doesn’t say it is anymore. Atleast before they said if you have a ADT system use to use the classic app. I finally tried to add a ADT sensor and it immediately told me that ADT support was still on it’s way.

The Smart Home Monitor app appears to be a different one then what i have seen before. When looking at it in the classic app it does look different and i can’t modify it. It also appears that there is a entry delay in the new app. So that is interesting. It is a option when setting it up. I also don’t see an option for the alarm monitoring with SHM. So it looks like it would be completely a self monitored system.

For me the SHM Dashboard shows up in the new Mobile app, but does not show up in the classic App. It did take a while to show up though.

Official knowledgebase article:

New SmartThings Hub owners will be able to use either application.
New ADT customers should use the SmartThings Classic application. We are still working to ensure ADT features are fully supported in the new SmartThings app.
Samsung Connect Home customers should use the new SmartThings application.


Yea i saw that in the past and i saw it was listed in the app text in the google play store. My point is that any text in the App on the Google Play store is gone refernceing that limitation.

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Update - We are continuing to investigate the errors users are seeing while creating accounts on both the new and Classic SmartThings apps. We will continue to provide updates on the issue as we work towards a resolution.
Mar 20, 17:25 EDT
Investigating - Users may be seeing errors when creating new Samsung accounts in the new and Classic SmartThings apps. We are investigating the cause of the errors and will be providing frequent updates while we work to resolve this issue. In the meantime, users can create accounts via the web at account.samsung.com.
Mar 20, 16:39 EDT


I have two locations. Both called Home. One is emply, the other ported all of my Smarthings Classic in

Also, mobile devices as a presence sensor do not show anywhere but can be configured as an event trigger??? How does that work?

Looks like Smartthings Connect has some issues to flush out.


Where are you seeing the exit delay. I have been wanting that for years but do not see it in the new SHM within Smartthings Connect. I just see the 3 modes; Armed (away), Armed (stay), DIsarmed. I’m using Android.

You have to setup Smart Home Monitor in the new app.

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First I said entry delay, not exit. It looks like the delay is only based on when you set off the alarm and now about leaving the home. Here is a screen shot of the setup screen

There is no doubt there is still a lot of cleaning up to do in the new app, but it is coming along. The entry and exit delays, and having a true functional keypad are why I got the ADT Panel instead of hacking it along with SHM and the added smart app for delays and such.

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under the settings section for the new smart things app there is a option to “Use Location information”

The description for that field states “Use this phone’s location information to determine your location for automations”

That seems like that would be what turns your phone into presense sensors.

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If you turn this off or on, you will affect your current IDE. Don’t mess with the new apps settings. Trust me, I lost my mobile phone / location info with my current setup by monkeying around and playing with things in the new app. Be forewarned! :slight_smile:


Yea I totally get that so this should all be done at your own risk. I was just responding to what he was saying as to what should probabaly be done for that situation. I personally don’t even use Presense because it was to flaky before. Maybe the new app will do it better since it is backed into the Galaxy phones.


That siren delay sure would be nice. The classic app no longer recognizes my phone as a presence in time before the alarm goes. I think it started two updates ago.

Add Life 360 to presence tracking and I recommend you use the Dome Siren. Dome Siren has a time delay option built into its DH. You can set 15, 30 or more seconds.


I am not recommending this siren but thought I would add this for anyone looking at this thread. If you have the GoControl Siren, this DTH also has a settable siren delay.