"SmartThings Classic" vs "SmartThings (Samsung Connect)"

I guess any worries we had that the new App might displace the value of ActionTiles can be put to rest…


Lots of phones mounted on the wall :grinning:

Incompatibility with Tablets (I can’t see that being viable for long) is even better for AT, even if they add customizable dashboard functionality in the app.


The “classic” app didn’t have tablet support for a VERY long time. If memory serves me right, it was added in the last year or so.


Yes that’s true. But when Samsung Connect was first released last year, they stated that there would be customizable dashboard like functionality (what exactly they meant by it who knows), and if it’s limited to phones, that’s such a waste of functionality, unless you have a huge phone of course :slight_smile:

If they don’t plan on having tablet compatibility, that works in ATs favor in a huge way.

But Hey, the new app has Find your phone functionality :joy:


But at least you could install the Classic Phone App on an Android or iOS Tablet. This new version cannot even be installed on a tablet from either App Store at present time.


I’m not going to try it :grin: but you might be able to side load on Android. The experience would probably be as good as the old classic was though. They have a lot of work to do on the new app so there is always the possibility tablet support is in the pipeline.


A ton to do! At least from a visiblity standpoint.

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The fact that it’s sitting on top of our current IDE is even that much more crazy. So it is making much more sense with people installing the new app and how they are destroying their current environments, or don’t quite understand that it’s creating a second location and when they open their classic app, not understanding that they need to switch the location in the dashboard. That happened early on with all the Account Migration Beta users when our 2nd Home Location (phantom) was created.

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It didn’t have a tablet version, but it would install and run on a tablet, at least the iOS version did on iPad. (My wheelchair has an iPad mounted on it, I don’t use my iPhone very often.)


I am really curious to see what they do with the voiceover. I say that from the comments that we saw way back when from ST staff and what they previously told you.


Or just Samsung’s own universal design commitment…


And if it gets implemented, will it work the same with two different OS teams in the mix?:grinning:

Reminds me of Sesame Street: Which one of these kids is doing their own thing?

Adding @Danabw just to get another jingle stuck in your head and to send me to h3ll again :grinning:


And even now there are still some issues with the display of certain tiles.

But I LIKE that one. :slight_smile:

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Apparently I wasn’t trying hard enough then :slight_smile:


All the stuff that millennials didn’t get in their childhood.

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OMG…another favorite. An acid-infused kids show. Always assumed the writers had one micro-dot each before every writing session. :smiley:

You know they did! Every show.

Sigmund the Sea Monster
The Bugaloos
Lost Saucer
Land of the Lost

All of em. Watched it every weekend as a kid.

So I’m logged into smartthings and smartthings classic. An I expecting to see all my devices in smartthings as in smartthings classic? Or do I have to do something to interested them? I think I have two different accounts with smartthings and Samsung, same email but different passwords. Thanks for any help you can give.

Are you not seeing any of your existing devices? When did this begin? After you created a second account? Please help with the exact details of the issue. We can better assist you.

SmartThings Classic is the app you have had installed the whole time. They just renamed it to Classic.

I’ve always had two accounts one for Samsung and one for smartthings. I guess I was already signed in on Samsung with my Samsung account. Should I sign out and sign in with the same email and password as smartthings? It’s the same email just different passwords. The smartthings (Samsung connect) shows no devices in my smartthings classic.