Just bought the SmartThings hub...am I installing the right app?

I’m confused. I just bought and installed the hub and some devices, then looked up SmartThings on my Galaxy S9 and found the SmartThings Connect app. I assumed this was the correct app since it’s the highest on the list, from samsung, and is recently updated just a day or two ago. However, it was also pre-installed on my phone.

But…after not receiving any notifications from any of my automations and reading more on these forums, I’m learning that this app is brand new and most people haven’t switched to it.

Did I install the wrong app? I see the 2 other Smarthings apps, something about ‘classic’ and another Samsung Smart Home.

I’m not finding anything in the included documentation that says which app to download. Even on smartthings.com getting started page they don’t say which app to use, just that one exists.

Any help?

install the SmartThings Classic app :slight_smile: The SmartThings (Samsung Connect) is the new app but it is incomplete at this point. You can use both if you want. They both use the same Samsung username/password. But I highly recommend using the Classic app at this point.


The two apps have different features, so it depends on exactly what you need.

If you want to set up rules using a Samsung smart TV or a Samsung smart appliance, you will have to use the newer connect app. But that one is still a work in progress, and does not have all the features of the classic app yet.

See the following thread (this is a clickable link)


You want the SmartThings Classic app.