What is this new android app?

I see recently Samsung renamed an old app to smartthings so now i have smartthings and smarthings classic.
I dont understand this, are all my smart lights and switches going to migrate to the new app? do i need the new app? if so would it happen by itself or do i need to do something for that to happen?


That link is nothing but people venting about the apps . if you dont have the answer then please dont post.
i asked a simple question hoping someone can tell me and looks like your not that person.

Yes, you’re right. If you can’t work out the answer from that thread, or don’t want to spend the effort reading the answer, then I’m not the that person. I’m not sure you are either, however.

There is no simple answer because Samsung have made a mess of the communications.

Best advice: if you don’t know what to do, or don’t want to spend the effort reading the many threads on the subject, stick with the Samsung Classic app.


I’m new to this (just a week!) but here is my interpretation and huge guess…
They are gradually rolling people across from the Classic app to the new one. When I first started last week I was able to use both, but it looks like I am now unable to login to the Classic one, but should be able to login to the new one if it is ever operational again.

Last week - could login to both
This week - can login to new app (when it works), cannot log into old app

So my guess is that they are migrating accounts across, which may be the cause of the current huge issues in the UK / EU. Further guesswork is that at one stage you will be able use both, but once fully migrated you will have to use the new one.

Official knowledgebase article. For further questions about your individual situation, contact support.

I know… maybe an official post in the Announcement section about Smartthings might help… not that i havent said this a million times only to be told by staff it wont help !!!

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Once the FAQ is provided, it’d be nice to just close these types of threads.

Speaking just for myself, I would like to see a locked pinned banner announcement In the announcement section directing people to the official supportbase FAQ. It certainly couldn’t do any harm, and I do think it would help quite a few people. JMO :sunglasses:


Let’s not get carried away now. :slight_smile:

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