New to Smartthings... which app is best?

So I recently bought a SmartThings hub and upon reading SmartThings recommendation, I went ahead and installed the new SmartThings Connect app. I was super disappointed when I looked through the compatible devices section how limited it is. I don’t have much for my home automation yet as I wanted the hub first. But a number of things I had planned to buy weren’t even addable. Is it worth it to even use the new app? Or just buy what I want and install the classic app (and maybe have issues with devices not working down the road)? Where should a newbie start?

Best recommendation is to use the Classic app at this point. Users do need the Samsung Connect app to initially set up any of the newer hubs but after that they can use the Classic app. The Samsung Connect app is needed for Samsung appliances and TVs.


I had been reading through the differences between the 2 apps but didn’t realize how limited the new one would be, even for someone just getting started. I’ll go ahead and download the Classic app (I don’t have the v3 hub since it doesn’t work in Canada). Thank you!

Right now, the classic app is best but support told me that some things are no longer going to be developed under it, like Smart Home Monitor. It may be something that forces me to move to Webcore, and people on here know I have been fighting to go that tooth and nail.

They told me it was due to Samsung taking over the direction of code development.

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Anyone heard of this yet…?