Smartthings double app?

Last night I got an update on my Samsung Galaxy S8 phone that said “SMARTTHINGS” but it was to control my TV and other devices. Its seems like it is integrated to Bixby as it has cards like Bixby but not for sure. All I know is I had it open and the official Smartthings app open on my phone at the same time so pretty sure they are different? Anyone know anything about this?

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I am not sure what you are asking but let me take a screen shot to show you better what I am referring to.

See how I have two exact apps named “Smartthings” on my phone. Two different apps with exact same name.

Can someone explain what the difference is?


The post above is a clickable link that will explain the difference between the two apps in the thread that was already created.


THe one on the left may say smartthings, but I’m willing to bet that if you install it, it would say Samsung Connect. :slight_smile:

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It depends on the OS. IOS will show SmartThings. Android will display Samsung Connect.

Within the app itself? Well, I only have Android, so I can’t speak to the iOS app. And since the OP was talking about a Samsung phone, I stand by my original assertion that if he opened the app on the left it would say Samsung Connect. :sunglasses:

Ya, Jimmy and me have been posting the differences between IOS and Android with screenshots showing differences as they stand now. Another example is that SHM already exists in the IOS version but not in Android.

I assume that will change by the time the app is actually ready for people to use and not just in Beta. That’s why I’m not getting all up in arms about things at this point. No sense in worrying about things until they’re ready.

That’s the message we have been trying to convey that as it exists now, it’s just in it’s infancy state. It works, but it’s far from complete. To look is fine, but do not advise trying to remove or add devices or for that matter, mess with Automations if you are already using the classic app.

Well I have three different SmartThings apps for some reason. In my screenshot the top and bottom SmartThings apps have different storage amounts on them but have the same download version. The app in the middle is the one that was downloaded in the Google play store. Also there is the SmartThings classic app in the Samsung store…So what does that all mean??!


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