Missing Icons in Device History - Classic App (Since Hub FW Update to 30.3)

Since the May 4th update, I’ve lost the icons that display the temperature, open/close, active/inactive etc from the history page of the Classic app.

How can I get them back? Anyone else getting this?


Yep, I noticed the same today.

It wouldn’t be a typical update if it didn’t hose something that previously worked.

I see you’re on Android. I’m on iOS.

Note - I edited your topic heading to help others.

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Thanks. I’m glad that I’m not the only one. I sent SmartThings support an email also.

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I will do the same.

I see this also, starting on May 4 at 5:30PM (EDT).

Unlikely this is related to the hub firmware update given the times it dissapeared. Please consult with support.


Eg ST Multi Sensor, Sensative Strip… I could go on. Can’t be bothered to email support, they’ll do what they do anyway.


I have, but given that it is showing up for multiple people, I doubt it’s specific to my setup. I’d say it’s quite a bit more than coincidental that it changed within an hour of the firmware update, right?

I didn’t mean to imply that it was. The updates are still getting to the mobile app, but they aren’t being rendered properly. When did your mobile app last update?


I apologize, I misunderstood what you meant. It was last updated April 30.

We have had some icon related issues on classic so this could be a symptom of that. I have flagged these reports for support. I would also encourage everyone experiencing this issue to create a ticket by either calling the support number or sending an email to support@smartthings.com

I’ve been running the classic app 2.19.1 (on Android) since last week (as I reported in the 2.18 issues thread) - before this happened. I have automatic updates turned off. My mobile app has not changed.

According to the email announcements, the firmware update happened between 10AM and 8:28PM EDT on 5/4, and my icons stopped showing up in the middle of that range.

My hub says “last booted” at 2020-05-04 9:23 PM UTC. That is 5:23PM my time.

All of my icons stopped being logged sometime after 5PM on 5/4. The earliest non-logged icon I can find is from 5:26. That’s a smoking gun.

I think this was caused by the firmware update.

I agree. I can’t see how it could be caused by anything else.

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I respectfully disagree. Scanning through my devices, this is the latest icon that shows up: 5:19. The first icon that was missing is at 5:24. My hub rebooted after the firmware update at 5:23.

Given the range of times, this stopped working just after my hub rebooted with the new firmware.

This may not mean anything, but it seems that (for me) the devices with the missing icons are all using either the SmartSense Open/Closed Sensor or SmartSense Motion Sensor DTH (built-in, running local). Other devices have icons show up (like Ecobee Suite DTH devices).

If these are only local devices being impacted that changes the equation. Others have reported that it was all devices, which is why I said it was unlikely to be hub related.

When I see things like “all of my icons” it makes me think this impacting C2C devices as well, which should not be influenced by the hub.


Yeah, my third party devices are OK. Neato and Ecobee are showing icons just fine.

Sorry for the sloppy language; I should have said “all of the devices with missing icons”. Although, in fairness, nearly 95% of the devices with icons that I want to look at are these motion sensors and contact switches, and they all run local.

I do want the right teams to be able to get to the bottom of this for you which is why if it was impacting other devices it would be better to widen the scope beyond just the firmware update and look at other potential causes. If this is happening only to locally executed DTHs that does narrow things down a bit and is good information to have. I have posted this finding internally.


Here’s the same device and a screenshot of the history - the classic on the left and new on the right. The new app is missing tiny feature – one of the things that makes the classic app so nice. When I scroll through the ‘recently’, it keeps the last date pinned at the top of the window. This means I can always see what date I’m looking at.
For devices that produce hundreds of events per day, this can be really useful.