iOS SmartThings Classic app 2.19.0 (released April 16, 2020)

New update for the Classic app has been released

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I wonder why don’t fix the issues with the Android app first. I discourage folks from updating the app these days since they don’t seem to give the due attention to regression issues. If it’s working, just stay with it.

UPDATE: Looks like 2.19 was released for Android too and it appears to have fixed the missing icons issue.


Android just updated to 2.19.0 as well, at least for me.

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Voice navigation is better, but it’s still broken. You can now successfully navigate the routines page, which is good

You still can’t add an ecobee thermostat because it dies when it gets to the first picture and you can’t navigate to the rest of the page.

Since I first reported this exact same problem on this exact same page about 2 1/2 years ago, I’m not really expecting to see it fixed ever, but if anybody cares, it’s still there. :disappointed_relieved:



This isn’t a good sign. Look at my new message in SHM (Migration Issue). I havent done anything besides update the old app.

I migrated some time ago, so I haven’t seen that message before/yet; but I suspect you could have custom rules set up that can’t easily migrate to either a new Automation or Scene. Do you have any custom rules?

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