Icons and background missing in classic app

See pic all greyed out now. I tried removing and reinstalling… same issue. Locations should have colors and custom icon.

I have the same, that’s SmartThings for you, who knows what they are up to now? And it’s a Sunday, they really should have a day off.

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Still broken and support is useless…I attached this pic to the support ticket and they reply back asking for a picture. They dont seem to even read the tickets anymore.

Yes, still broken for me also. ST support has got really bad in the last year, on average it takes 10 days for every single response in an email chain, so I don’t bother anymore, but I appreciate the people with the patience that do bother.

I reported this internally yesterday. However, keep in mind that the new app does not support these icons and backgrounds and the vast majority of development work is focused on the new app.

thanks. unfortunately the new app also does not support many of my custom device types and apps

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