Smartthings Classic app stopped working and 3rd party smart apps as well like webcore

recently I have been unable to control anything from the smartthigns classic app. I still see updates, doors open/close, motion sensor, switches on and off but I cannot initiate a change from the app. Also, all of the rules from webcore no longer work. Whats odd is the built in smarthings automation, lighting automation, still seems to work. example, I have a power outlet that will come on when I switch on a light from the wall, outlet is only connected to the switch via the hub.

I tried power cycling the hub (remove power and batteries) when it comes back up everything works but then eventually stops.

I emailed support but have yet to hear anything back. I took a look in the forum but didnt seem to find a similar problem.

any help or insight would be appreciated.


Did you reboot your router to see if that has any effect? What is the color of the led light on the ST hub?

yes, tired the reboot. Everything works for a short period of time then the rules and app stop working again. the color on the hub is green.


one more thing. If I hit the refresh button in the classic app I can see the corresponding line on the live logging page of the IDE. However, the on/off button does nothing

Thought I would follow up on this. After the smartthings support folks got back to me they told me it looked like I had 3 devices that were causing errors. I removed them and rebooted the router and all is fine now. What I find interesting is that I didnt know these devices were causing any errors. Two of them have been powered off for months and the 3 had been in a weird state for months as well with no issues. eh oh well. its working again and I think the moral of the story is keep your device list clean :slight_smile: