Smart Lighting Stopped Working

My smart lighting automations all stopped working yesterday for no apparent reason. I rebooted my hub but still no luck. Anyone else having this problem? I have tons of items under the app so reinstalling would be quite painful.

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Email support and they can track it down. In the mean time, what color is the led on the front of your hub?

It is solid green. Rebooted and returned to solid green. Hub working fine. I added a new automation and it works but all my old ones don’t. Weird. I will email them.

If you login to go to the locations tab and click on smartapps, are they still listed?

Yea, I’m looking at that page right now, comparing the new automation to my old ones. They look a little bit different but all of them are there and I can inspect them. When I open a log and try one the working one gives me all sorts of useful debug info, and the old ones just print out a useless trace line saying timeBaseTrigger false. I am a long-time user so it could be that I have some upward compatibility issue with my automations. I just sent them an email so we’ll see.

Did you “update” all instances in IDE from Location >> Smartapps?

I just did a few of them and they still don’t work… I replaced another one and the replacement works. Super weird.

Maybe this is the SmartHome god’s way of telling me to convert from Smart Lighting to WebCore… I have been considering that for months…

I wouldn’t do that if your devices are local. You would be missing big time giving up local processing. It’s got to be an explanation as to why this is happening.


My Smart Lighting automations all indicate Cloud processing for some reason so I haven’t had local anyway. I think I installed mine before they implemented local support so either way I am looking at a rewrite. Surprisingly I haven’t noticed any terrible lag despite cloud processing. I guess I have been getting lucky until now.

V1 hub or v2?

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V2 - I know lots of stuff doesn’t work right with V1

Smart Lighting had local support since launch. Reasons for running in the cloud are only if devices are not local (either custom DTH or non-Hue lan devices), or using Scenes or using any combo of local and non local devices in one SL instance.

@kewashi any update on your SL weirdness?

@kewashi did you reach out to support? If you want to DM your account information I would be happy to take a look later tonight.

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I sent an email but haven’t heard back. Will DM you

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Can you verify if the old ones are now working again?


Yup - they are working again. What was the issue? Should I change anything to avoid it happening again? How can I convert my stuff to local?


The Smart Lighting automations were paused, maybe clicked accidentally.

Here’s what unpaused automations look like (from my personal account):


Doh!!! Thanks Brad for the catch. Also appreciate you sharing the screenshot with the community so others can benefit from this subtle yet simple issue.

Now… back to more productive things like getting my page editor to work on HousePanel


I don’t see any of my automations on the smart things website. Do I have to create them all over again?